Rev. Sky - Candle-crop-resizedRev. Sky Starr lives in the Jane/Finch corridor, a troubled neighbourhood that sees frequent gang-related shootings and stabbings. Rev. Starr recognized that violence has left her community in a constant state of grief–so she got trained in grief counselling.

Her goal is to help heal her neighbours and friends, because she says, “there’s a need, so I serve. It is in me.”

In 2007, Starr started Out of Bounds, a grief support organization that has so far helped over 5,000 people deal with the aftermath of violence. Starr provides non-denominational support and operates out of space donated by the Catholic School Board.

Started the program in the community, volunteer based program. Starr has recruited and trained over 20 volunteers, from all walks of life. Phil Edwards, an outreach worker for the City of Toronto says Starr is an “icon” and is the first person who has helped people in the Jane/Finch community deal with grief on such an organized scale.


Visit the Out of Bounds website HERE

Fathers Across Cultures seeks to empower, men and young men through mentorship…

rev sky orgWe hope to create a better understanding of how to successfully navigate today’s emotional, social and economic challenges in positive, healthy ways. Our leaders and participants support each other in leading lives of quality, unity, integrity, responsibility and leadership.

•To educate, support and empower fathers from a ‘trans-cultural’ perspective.
•To improve the well-being of children, by strengthening our families. And…
•Significantly increase the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.


QUALITY: By exemplifying positive actions, leading by examples and by learning from each other, participating fathers/mentors will become better men, but more importantly, their children will have “quality” dads.
UNITY: Emphasizing the need for “unity” in the home which translates not only to a unified family, but also a unified community and society.
INTEGRITY: Providing a safe environment for participants to relate in honesty and truthfulness by helping one another work out latent issues and enhance strong character, attitude and traits.
RESPONSIBILITY: Stressing the importance of relationships based on “quality time.” Through relevant workshops and mentoring, men will understand how to navigate today’s emotional, social and economic challenges in positive, healthy ways, and understand that “fatherhood” is no longer necessarily based on a biological bond, but rather on: a) the level of importance they place on their responsibility as fathers; b) social realities; and c) their ability to effectively rise to the present challenges in their homes and communities.
LEADERSHIP: By exemplifying effective leadership qualities within the family, fathers will also positively affect the lives of youth and men who will themselves become “Q-u-I-r-L” fathers of tomorrow.

Learn about Rev. Starr’s other project Fathers Across Cultures

Come join us for our 4th annual Father’s Across Cultures “Celebrating Fatherhood” Event.

Our Vision
mission_vision_page_photosTo build a generation of enlightened, emotionally intelligent fathers, and “would-be” fathers, by providing them with the tools and resources to empower themselves, enhance their natural abilities as leaders, and take their rightful place as role models within the family and community.

Our Mission
Through education, support and encouragement, FAC is committed to empowering “Fathers Across Cultures” to be invigorating, effective role models in the family and community. · FAC enables a positive, family-oriented, community-reflective impact on men and young men. We strive to be a model of excellence in responsive and inclusive mentorship · It is our hope that this will eventually enhance the quality of life for all families of the community

Enjoy true community ambience with awe-inspiring sounds of the Souls of Steel Orchestra and sensational soprano, Gail Malcolm.
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Come join us for our 4th annual Father’s Across Cultures “Celebrating Fatherhood” Event.

When: Saturday, June 15 at 7:00 PM

Where: Monsignor Fraser College (Regina Pacis) 45 Norfinch Dr (400 and Finch)

  • Adults: $30
  • Youth: $15
  • Children (12 and under): $10

For tickets and e-transfers: skysstarr@yahoo.ca or email here.


Champions of Change – Rev. Sky Starr

Profile of Champions of Change volunteer Rev. Sky Starr, the founder of a grief support organization that helps residents of Toronto’s Jane and Finch neighbourhood deal with the aftermath of violence.

rev_sky_champions_of_changeCanada’s Champions of Change is a contest celebrating volunteerism. Reverend Sky Starr was honoured as one of Canada’s Top 50 Volunteers in this year’s competition.

Learn More on Rev. Sky’s Champions of Change Profile Page Where you can read about why Rev. Sky Volunteers, watch an interview and video profile which was broadcast on CBC Connect, with Mark Kelley, November 8, 2010.




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