Egypt, Study on Ways and Methods to Eliminate Sexual Harassment


Authors/editors: Bouthaina El Deeb, Ph.D.

Sexual-Harassment-in-EgyptThis first widespread governmental study on sexual harassment in Egypt has revealed that an astounding 99.3 per cent of women and girls surveyed report having been subjected to one form or another of harassment. This study focuses on attitudes, perceptions and reactions to harassment as well as suggesting methods to eliminate sexual harassment in Egypt, which is identified as a growing problem since the revolution of January 2011.

Sponsored by UN Women and the National Council for Women, the research was undertaken by the Cairo Demographic Centre at the Institute of National Planning in Cairo. The findings are based on the results of interviews with over 3000 women and men aged 10 to 35 in seven different districts, known as governorates, across Egypt.

The study concludes with a series of recommendations, which include the need to pass a new law to criminalize sexual harassment, stipulating deterrent penalties for the harasser and at the same time facilitating the procedures for arresting the harasser through evidence provided on the site of harassment. It also calls for increased deployment of police officers and detectives in crowded places, especially in front of schools, universities, public squares, main streets, bus and microbus stations in all governorates. Finally, it stresses the importance of having both political and religious authorities play an active role in condoning sexual harassment and the attitudes that reinforce it.

PDF version: English

Publication Year: 2013
Number of Pages: 31


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