Don’t Go Off Half-Cocked During Today’s Solar Eclipse!


solarThe Moon in Taurus conjuncts Mars and Mercury as it moves into the eclipse that takes place this afternoon. You may feel (Moon) like verbally (Mercury) challenging (Mars) someone, aka fighting!

If it’s appropriate, then fine. If not, Taurus is known to be slow to anger so most will find the patience to resist. Saturn in Scorpio suggests if you are going to off, you should do so, carefully.

The actual eclipse takes place in the afternoon (in the US). By that time, Venus will have left Taurus for Gemini, leading us into the shift in trend for the weekend.

The Moon will follow Venus in Gemini on Friday, joining Jupiter in the sign. Things are going to lighten up for sure. We’ll still have three bodies in Taurus, but all of them will be clear the Saturn opposition.

Taurus likes to eat and Gemini likes to socialize. This would be a great time for a spring picnic, but the weekend looks friendly whatever you choose to do.

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Have fun!
Elsa P

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