Big Fat Kiss For Gemini (And Maybe You As Well)‏


You know those periods where things just seem to go your way?

It’s like you have an angel on your shoulder or some kind of protection. You hit a lucky streak and you know it.

Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will be conjunct in the late degrees of Gemini for the rest of the month. When the two benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) conjoin, there are kisses out there, just waiting to land on the cheeks of some of us.

virgo-horoscopo211[1]People with planets in the late degrees of Gemini will have good fortune for sure.

If you’re a Mercury-ruled Virgo, you should also fare well.

People with planets in the late degrees of fellow Air signs, Libra and Aquarius will catch some luck with this too.

For everyone else, please check the house in your chart where this stellium falls (roughly 21-29 Gemini). You can expect blessings in this area of your life and possible BIG (Jupiter) Good (Venus) News (Mercury)!

Heads up to Gemini born between May 20-30th. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will be in your sign between these dates. That’s a lot of action in one area.

Check out your Solar Return report to see what you can expect.

Have a great day!

Elsa P

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