Workers Memorial Day celebrated April 28 th!


Workers Memorial Day 2013

April 28, 2013



marry-harrisWorkers Memorial Day is a commemoration day that is celebrated in the U.S and abroad each year on April 28th.

It is meant to remember those who have been killed or left disabled as a result of an injury suffered at work. It’s an opportunity to recognize the preventable nature of most workplace accidents and bring greater awareness to safety campaigns and legislation.

Fallen But Not Forgotten

More than 4,000 workers died on the job in 2012 and tens of thousands more were left permanently disabled from injuries. Each portrait on the left is from a worker who lost their life as a result of a workplace accident in 2012. Take a moment to remember some of those who lost their life by reading about their stores.

A Look Back: Alleged Petty Theft of Chicken Nuggets Ultimately Result in 25 Workers Deaths

fire-doorMost business owners genuinely care about the safety and wellbeing of their employees. However, there will always be businesses that place profits ahead of employee safety.

Emmett Roe was the owner of a chicken processing company in Hamlet, North Carolina. The company received large shipments of frozen chicken meat, cooked the meat, then refroze it. The plant competed with big named chicken manufacturers such as Tyson.

Emmett had suspected that employees at the plant were stealing small amounts of chicken nuggets. As a result, Emmett instructed management to keep the backdoor (shown left), which was also the emergency exit door, permanently padlocked. The facility housed large frying vats filled with grease maintaned at 375 degrees faranheight. The facility had no windows and no sprinkler system.

On September 3rd, 1991, a fire broke out in the facility.

The firefighters that arrived at the scene found several dead bodies located near the padlocked exit door. Fingernail scratches were found on the door where panicking workers desperately tried to pry the door open. 25 workers were killed in the fire and several others were permanently disabled.

Emmet Roe was sentenced for 20 years in prison for his negligence. He ultimately only served 4.5 years in prison after being released by the parole board.

This 1994 Documentary by Robert Cotter Tells The Story From The Eyes Of The Survivors

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