Wesak Festival 2013, celebrating Full Pink Moon April 25





The April 2013 Wesak Festival

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of Scorpio-Taurus


“It’s a Full Moon and (partial) Lunar eclipse in Scorpio…Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is about stripping away artifice, what’s false, corrupted and diseased…”

Pt. 2 – Building Bridges To Cross Over From An Old Life And Enter A New Life

This Lunar Eclipse Wesak Festival Full Moon falls at the 6th degree of Scorpio-Taurus, and begins to stabilize the recent beginnings set into motion by the multiple conjunctions in Aries. It’s time to anchor forms of compassionate wisdom that will be activated at the Full Moon of Gemini-Sagittarius.

The next two weeks offer us ways to ground and solidify recent life developments expressed as intense magnetic forms of our spirituality. We shall see the light of cooperative building expressed in “tearing ourselves away from the known and familiar, gambling everything on a great dream.

Here our spiritual grounding will become polarized, and enable us to gather what we need to sustain what’s already in motion.

Buddha-quote-straying-thoughts-This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is stabilizing and confirming, and the second of the “Three High Moons” of Spring. This stabilizing, grounding, “Buddha-Nature” infused Full Moon that will help us bring new responsibilities, power, and authorship to the surface of our lives so we can mobilize in our “enlightened self-interest” falls at the 6th degree of Taurus and Scorpio.

This Lunation, helping us turn away from chains, fears, and obsolete duties and limitations, occurs April 25 at 12:57 pm PDT, 3:57 pm EDT, and 8:57 pm Greenwich (UT).

An overview of this period ruled by this Full Moon shows it will illuminate our ability to link our energies with others to bridge some “void” that’s a natural part of human evolution, or the landscape of our lives. This is an incredibly stabilizing Lunation, and marks a point of consciously leaving some things behind while mobilizing to find our “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

This Lunation is practical and inspired, with a lot of focus on feelings but a bit short on interactivity. We shall see many things that have been shown before now develop quickly, and those who get it in gear will find the momentum is squarely in their benefit. Here courage in commitment to a higher path will yield great rewards, since activity will lead to linking “the above and below” in our nature.

The focus of the light will reveal a need for a new field of activity, and some will throw themselves into a “passionate quest for universal values” which may disrupt current patterns. It will be a time to leap into new social and cultural opportunities that help us find newer, more mature and appropriate forms of service.

emotional-intelligence wordleCritical decisions must be made to reverse and repair old social roles that have become crystallized or a hindrance to our ability to substantiate new values, new life forms, new life resources, and new ways to enjoy life.

See what brings you down, and renounce it completely at the core of your being.

This can give us a sense of control over what fills the voids of our existence, and we can grow through making basic personal decisions that help us turn away from conflicts we do not need, patterns that have us overextended or out on a limb, renouncing lesser obligations and duties when called to more important things.

If we can assert the deep and subtle parts of our Being in ways that help us mobilize for some form of gain, increase, or accumulation of that which is value, we can then find ourselves expressing our “God within.”

At noted in other articles in this series,

we are going through a time of “gain through loss.”

What we accumulate is not important in itself; it’s what we choose to say yes to, and what we say no to, that will determine what fills our voids in the future. This continues to show us a new way of living our Archetypal Self set into motion in 2010, and what’s been shut down, cleared out, and let go of since 2011 has helped clean our decks for future responsibilities more in line with our evolved Self.

buddha_on_happiness_quote-1The coming months will be powerful in helping us eliminate whatever is no longer relevant to our purpose and ability to respond to growing into a more mature role in our world. Things may seem out of balance, and even bring contradictory impulses, and any dualities that arise can only be resolved by making a leap of faith demonstrating some form of magnetic or emotional mastery over those dualisms. We’ll all certainly be able to get to the core of things, and see the innermost life and vitality (or lack thereof) in people, situations, and arguments.

This Full Moon helps us solidify recent new beginnings that are really old beginnings. As this Lunation makes a very powerful sextile and trine with Pluto in Capricorn, it’s great for knowing how to use discipline and power in structured ways. This is the end game of some things leaving forever, except for those that are part of your greater “Spiritual Mystery.” Imagination at critical times when we must show skills will help us glimpse a new dedication, a new fulfillment, and a new law of living.

With the Moon in Scorpio, find an appropriate emotional vehicle to navigate this time of tremendous feelings. Clean out, clear out, and/or repair whatever you need to in order to be able to interact with others in non-corrupted ways.

Due to incredible productivity in the Cancer sector of our maps, once we find the right “emotional intelligence,” then the more we care, the more we become sensitive to, the easier the flow through the crosscurrents and oppositions. We cannot avoid the crosscurrents and polarizations, but we do not have to feel helpless in navigating them.

chamber_most_sacred_by_dust8i8moth-d5lpiwuIn February and March, we got to part the veils and enter the “sacred chamber” leading us beyond old ego limitations.

Keep the discipline of rising to a more refined level of social interaction, or a higher, more sophisticated and refined way of relating to ours and others’ feelings as you move through social experiences. This is a very long term structuring power offered to humanity at this time. We now have learned the power of harmlessness, and those who have lessened their fear can now radiate a calm that transcends normal understanding.

It began Spring 2012, and we’ve now entered a space-time sector where we are learning to view much of what goes on at core through a sense of life being a “science experiment,” with our task to understand the laws that underlie what’s going on. As the Saturn sextile Pluto will be with us for quite a while, even though it’s now separating, relax into the intensified feelings and experience what’s been emerging these past several weeks of a deeper and larger “group consciousness.”

Ultimately, this Full Moon will bring tremendous movement toward something that takes care of us, something we care about, or a beginning of a new base of emotional functioning. Take care of details, work the plan, master discouragement through deep compassion for what has been, what is going or gone, and what is to come.

This Lunation,

despite pulling us in disparate directions at times,

overall will be very productive, stabilizing, and harmonizing, with some unique gifts for those who can get it in gear.

way to greater thingsThe next two weeks will bring release, relief, renewal, regeneration, and solidify some important patterns that can lead us to material and emotional well-being. This is a time to trust “the God Within,” be self-reliant, and see the “cooperation between spiritual and material agencies” in your life.

There is a potential for tremendous stability and clear understanding, as well as great productivity and ability to move out of the old into the new. This may challenge some of our conception of what we’ve been doing and why, helping us turn away from lesser things and simply and efficiently embrace greater things.

To sum up, it’ll be an important two weeks, 4 months, and year, with releases that will diminish the old ways, while feeding the new ways. Here there will be favorable “karmic adjustments” that will yield basic life understanding and show us important facets of our “Spiritual Mystery.”

With the preponderance of planets in Aries and Taurus, get things in motion and be ready to stabilize, guard, or defend what needs it. This is a time to anchor the material and non-material asserts we need to support the life initiatives that have renewed these past several weeks. We’re moving into a new adventure, a new magnetism, a new potency, a new way of enjoying our lives and relationships, so let go of feeling stuck or ambivalent and link with others to “transmute life into love.”

This event offers us physical vitality, coupled with the power of the mind to move into deeper realities. We can find greater awareness through our innate wisdom and steady growth. Just don’t forget to feel once you’ve committed to some decision or action. Those who understand how to navigate feelings into new visions and new understanding will find it’s easy to know when and how to act with efficiency, simplicity, and clarity regarding what’s enjoyable and what isn’t. Then what to do becomes self-evident.

Here’s the first post in this Wesak Festival Full Moon Lunar Eclipse series: Spiritual Astrology in April 2013 – It’s A Happy Buddha Birthday at the Full Moon of Taurus-Scorpio, a.k.a. The Wesak Festival!

For more about Eclipses in general, how they are timed for effects, and other seldom considered considerations (con = “to be with” + sider = “the stars”), please check out the second post in this series, Astrology in April 2013 – On The Threshold of a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 6 Scorpio  HERE: © Copyright 2013 Robert Wilkinson




19th Annual Wesak Celebration, May 24-26, 2013

Theme: Year One of the New Earth: Building a Template for the Age of Aquarius

Thanks Marianne for articulating what we are doing. — Dawn



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