Top 10 Jobs for Women this New Millennium


jobs-for-women_dv496065a.s300x300Women’s workplace roles and duties have changed drastically over the last fifty years

No longer are women pigeonholed into the teaching and nursing professions.   Statistics show that women have far surpassed men in terms of college enrollment numbers: For every six female college students, there are only four men.  A disproportionate number of women graduates means a wide variety of traditionally male-dominated careers are now heavily recruiting women. 

Here is a list of the top ten jobs for women in 2008 that require a degree:

1.)    Pharmacist

In this customarily male role, you will dispense medications to patients, inform them of any risks, side-effects or drug interactions, and stay up-to-date via continuing education and industry research.   The road to becoming a pharmacist usually begins with a Bachelor of Science degree.

2.)    Financial Advisor

With the tumultuous economy, financial advisors are in high demand.  Women with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance can help fill the increasing need for professional financial advice.

3.)    Human Resource Manager

In this role, you create and implement policies and benefits that define your corporate culture.  A Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in Human Resources is usually required.

4.)    Information Technology Analyst

Opportunities for women in IT are predicted to grow dramatically through 2016 as businesses continue to increase their dependence on technology solutions.   In this historically male role, women are now being heavily recruited. A career in IT starts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

5.)    Sales Engineering

Combining the attributes of both Sales and Engineering, women make ideal Sales Engineers. Those who are people-oriented and verbally communicative are ideal for this role, which usually begins with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Engineering.

6.)    Counselor/Social Worker

This career is predicted to grow 25% by 2010, and has as many as 35,000 annual openings.  As a counselor or social worker, you work with others in educational, vocational or social settings to help solve interpersonal problems and stumbling blocks. This career requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

7.)    Market Research Analyst

In this position, you analyze market conditions and study buyer strategies, habits and preferences.  This role usually requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Statistics.

8.)    Biological Technician

As a biological technician, you assist scientists in setting up, performing and recording experiments.  Most employers prefer that you attain the minimum of an Associate’s Degree.

9.)     Radiation Therapists

Not only do women make significantly more than men (11% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) in this occupation, but the growth rate is phenomenal as the need for trained techs increases.  This job requires a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Radiography.

10.)  Physical Therapists

In this role, you assist patients in gaining and restoring movement and flexibility.  The number of openings for this career is predicted to increase by over 35% between now and 2014.  The road to becoming a physical therapist begins with a Bachelor’s Degree.


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