The Lioness Woman’s Club celebrating 2013 Deluxe SPA-rty” – May 31



So, what exactly is the Lioness Woman’s Club?

The Lioness Woman’s Club is an exclusive on-line social club for effective, dynamic, success-oriented women who pursue their business networking goals along with personal interests in the arts, literature, travel and a well-rounded, sophisticated life-style.

The Lioness Woman’s Club provides an elegant and feminine environment, which in turn fosters and encourages creativity as well as personal well being of the body and mind. The news, topics, and material we provide are carefully selected and catered to the interests of our Lionesses, so that you have the most unique collection of articles for your own knowledge and for sharing with others.

We offer…

– An interactive global network of like-minded women;
– A Lioness Business Directory and Classifieds section for your entrepreneurial endeavours;
– The latest news in fashion, the arts, and lifestyle;
– Reviews on restaurants & wines, new music, travel hot spots, and more!

We discuss…

At the Lioness Woman’s Club, you will find yourself surrounded by interesting women who share your outlook on life, and have fascinating things to contribute, whether they are a fun fact, an opinion, or a business idea. We recognize this and offer you a blog-like layout, making it easy to comment and discuss the various topics brought forth by our articles and the on-going world. Here, we talk about modern life for women, our respective senses of art, style, and fashion, as well as how to take the most out of life and constantly develop yourself and your relationships.


Lioness Woman`s Club and is hosting our upcoming networking event “2013 Lioness Deluxe SPA-rty”.

Events Details:

May 31, 2013 at 06:30 PM
The Warehouse Event Venue, 35 Carl Hall Rd. Unit 2, Toronto
Ontario, M3K 2B6


For this event we have a variety of sponsorship packages with different exposure and presentation levels.

chairKindly find enclosed the information on the aforementioned packages and also a bit about the club and our demographics.

About Lioness Womans Club

Sponsorship Packages for De-Lux Spa-rty 2013 – Final – AVAILABLE HERE

I would like to invite you to to browse our previous events at the following link HERE.

Please don`t hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to answer all your queries.


Veronika Barbakadze
Director of Communications
Lioness Woman`s Club


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