The Empowerment Compendium, Irene Becker


We all know the staggering pain of invalidation. 

We have all felt it. 

We have all received and given it.

Some of us have developed habits of thought that cause us to deploy invalidation of self and/or others on an ongoing basis.  The caveat remains that habits of thought and action CAN be changed and changing them is what personal leadership is all about.

The-Empowerment-CompendiumNone of us is immune to the piercing, painful arrow that hits us and throws us for an emotional loop as the venom of invalidation pierces our heart and our soul. 

None of us can walk the journey of life and live to say that we have never invalidated another person. Invalidation is part of the human journey.  Turning it around is part of the human solution, a solution that is driven by desire.  

Change is not our greatest threat, it is our greatest power.

If are capable of using our words, our actions and our energy to invalidate, we have the equal capacity to make a choice to say no to the venom that comes from our most powerless place. 

We can decide to cut off the lagging sense of self-doubt that we feel beneath the posture of strength, or a sense of overwhelming self-doubt that makes us feel small and weak.

We can say no to invalidation, by choosing to create a new platform of personal power that reflects the enormous, magnificent capacity of the human spirit to self empower and to empower others.

The lowest common denominator we each have is the ability to crush the spirit of another or to fall victim to the senseless eradication of our own sense of passion, purpose and joy.  If you feel dis-empowered or invalidated; if you have dis-empowered or invalidated another human being, the solution for reclaiming your true power is the same.  

Reach up …

Reach for your highest common denominator. Reclaim the power you have to validate the beauty, the bounty and the majesty of human life by touching another and yourself with words of validation. This week and always choose to be a part of the human solution.  Feel your real power and use it empower the best in yourself and others.

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