Palestinian Women to launch the new documentary film, Ana Ahlam



UNRWA partnered with the Center for Resources for Gender Equality “Abaad” and the General Union of Palestinian Women to launch the new documentary film, Ana Ahlam, in a special ceremony held in Beirut on 4 April 2013.

Addressing the audience – which included the Ambassadors of Switzerland and Mexico, the Iranian Cultural Attaché, in addition to nearly 180 activists and representatives of Palestinian civil society in Lebanon, and the film director and representatives from the production company – the Director of UNRWA in Lebanon, Ms. Ann Dismorr, noted that the film came about as a result of a grassroots community effort.

This short documentary, which tells the story of a young Palestine refugee woman who overcomes gender-based violence, came about as the result of the concerted efforts of UNRWA’s Family Protection Team in Tyre, the Center for Resources for Gender Equality “Abaad” and the General Union of Palestinian Women in Lebanon. It was produced with the goal of increasing awareness within Palestine refugee camps of the issue of gender-based violence.

The script for the film was written jointly by Ahmad Salah, who is a volunteer film producer and a Palestine refugee, Wafa’ Kayed, a participant in awareness activities on violence in Tyre and a gender-based violence survivor herself, women involved with the General Union of Palestinian Women, and UNRWA’s Family Protection Team in Tyre.

When it was her turn to address the audience, the Director of Abaad, Ms. Ghida Anani, noted that achieving gender equality and opposing violence against women and girls are the two messages underlying the film.

On her part, the Chairwoman of the General Union of Palestinian Women in Lebanon, Ms. Amenah Suleiman, drew attention to the difficulties and challenges that stand in the way of improving the situation of Palestine refugee women not only in Lebanon but also in the occupied Palestinian territories.

After the screening of the film, awards were handed out to the men and women who collaborated on producing it.

“أنا… أحلام” رسالة أحلام إلى كل إمراة ناجية من العنف الأسري

Published on Apr 9, 2013
“أنا احلام” هو فلم وثائقي جديد يلقي الضوء على العنف المسلط على النساء الفلسطينيات في اسرهن. من خلال الفلم، تبعث أحلام رسالة من الأمل إلى كل إمرأة ناجية من العنف الأسري.
Ana Ahlaam” is a documentary film that explores gender-based violence as experienced by Palestinian refugee women living in Lebanon. The film sends a message of hope to every female survivor of domestic violence.


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