Liberal Party of Canada: Their Worst Nightmare, Canada’s Best Hope



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To watch my speech at the showcase on April 6th, click here.

Off the cuff, from the heart, to the point, and full of surprises!

At the showcase, I shared the lessons I have learned about life and leadership, what I brought to the table that was different from all the other candidates.

I want for the future of my party and my country:

  • I am a veteran, a mother, and a mediator. I’m a tough target.
  • I have a passion for this country born from experience in more than 60 countries around the world
  • I have experience leading teams and missions. To read my Personnel Evaluation Report from my time in Afghanistan, click here
  • I have made hundreds of life and death decisions in my life. I understand the responsibility that comes with leadership
  • I am a consensus builder and a team player
  • I have the credibility to talk about security differently
  • I am from an ordinary family and went on to live an extraordinary life
  • I am from an unheld, challenging, traditionally “blue” riding, so I know the challenges. Unheld ridings will get my personal attention.
  • I am annoyingly positive and optimistic, and I believe that “we are all in this together”
  • I believe in decisions based on evidence, not on ideology
  • It’s time to claim our politicals, our governance, and our future back. I can help make that happen.

It’s time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, your wisdom, and your encouragement.



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