Inspiring Women Summit, April 20 – Register FR*EE Today!



Wow! Women are ready to Rock this World!

This year’s Inspiring Women Summit starts Saturday with the most extraordinary lineup yet including Marianne Williamson, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Lucy Liu, Lisa Nichols, Barbara Marx Hubbard and… it goes on and on.


See the full roster (all free!) here.

It’s abundantly clear that women are rising up to create change and new ways of doing business, education, politics, and religion. Rising up to end violence against women and create a planet of peace. Rising up to forge a new path for all of us.

As a man, I am humbled and grateful by the caliber of women who are showing up to light the way forward, offering an authentic, juicy, wild, world-rattlin’ kind of leadership that demonstrates that changing the world can also be great fun.

If you’re a Woman committed to birthing a new era, you’ve got to check out the Inspiring Women Summit, starting Saturday. It’s led off and hosted by MY beloved partner Devaa Haley Mitchell, who is my blazing light of inspiration, day to day.

She’s pulled together the most stellar lineup of spiritually plugged-in, worldly, savvy, society-changin’ women I’ve seen – all to light your fire for awakening, healing, social change, and a new kind of success.

shiftnetwork-wtfcpgzaucdejvgirhrivbbaotpqznyj-v2It’s more than an event, it’s a movement.

Register here and help us spread the word.

In spirit,

P.S. When Native elders told us in November that it was now Women’s turn to Lead, I had no idea how quickly it would be happening! Spread the word and come aboard for a beautiful ride.



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