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Enlightened Women


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June 24-28

~ Unbind Your Heart at Canada’s Festival for Enlightened Women ~

Special Announcement‏

“When Agapi Stassinopoulos steps onto a stage and begins to speak, the audience is transformed by her honesty, humor, and story. Her message of unbinding the heart and expressing your true voice is heartfelt and everyone in the audience is mesmerized by her beauty, love, and transformational words.  Agapi, was inspirational and beloved by everyone at the California Women’s Conference.” – ROSE TAFOYA, Director of Programming, California Women’s Conference”

Agapi Stassinopoulos is an authentic, genuine, and inspirational writer and speaker who knows how to connect with and move her audience. She brings out the beauty, power, and independence in all of us.”  –  DEEPAK CHOPRA

“The message of Unbinding the Heart is essential reading for everyone. Agapi has an innate wisdom and the ability to communicate straight to her readers to help bring freedom and grace into their lives.” – Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post

New York Times Bestselling Author & Inspirational Speaker

Agapi Stassinopoulus joins the 2013 GLF lineup!

Keynote Talk: June 26th 10:15am


Agapi delivers an exclusive 2-hour workshop June 26, 1:30pm
Early Bird Registration & Space Limited so don’t delay. $49
(Workshop attendees must also possess a GLF day pass)

Visit Official Festival Webpage for more details

This year will go down in festival history once again. 


Vendors, presenters and workshop facilitators update

Read Full Bios of Speakers
grail conference speakers

  • Madeleine Marentette, Founder & Producer
  • The Hilarious Jacquie Hermans, Inspirational Comedian, Your MC
  • Kimberly Maracle, Native Expressions
  • Sue Kenney, Pilgrim, Author ‘My Camino’ ~ featured on Dragon’s Den!
  • Dr. Ravinder Gill, ND
  • Tanya Chernova & Joanna Andros, Courageous Living
  • Myrna Ain, Co-founder ACHIEVE BLUE
  • Nadia Masoudi, Filmmaker & Animal Activist, ‘We are One’
  • Jennifer Johnson, Business Consultant
  • Lori Raudnask, Author ‘The Gratitude Process’
  • Vera Lopez, Shaman, Spirits of the Earth Sacred Travel
  • Janet Sinclair, The Urban Shaman
  • Eva Dametto, 7 Stages of Womanhood
  • Lorella Depieri, The Oneness Movement
  • Agapi Stassinopoulus, Unbingding the Heart
  • Shawna Ross, Psychic Medium, Sacred Journey Counselling
  • Carmen Maggisano, Chopra Centre Teacher
  • Ingrid van Weert, Family Law
  • Debbie Gilbert, Generations
  • Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, Soulful Media, Brings us the Red Tent Temple! And a very special screening of her film ‘Things We Don’t Talk About’

grail red tent temple

Visit Official Festival Webpage for more details

This year will go down in festival history once again. 

Walk the RED carpet for a personal cameo shot for your website. Visit 30+ vendors, healers and readers offering a treasure trove of jewels for mind and Spirit. Let your heart beat to the melodic sounds of harpists, fluists, guitarists and drummers, crack open your abundance gene and let the flow of life sweep you into your true potential! 

‘Choose Your Spirit Journey’ workshops to date:

grail speakers 2

  • Tanya Chernova & Joanna Andros, ‘The Neuroscience of Wellness Workshop’
  • Sue Kenney, Barefoot Healing
  • CJ Shelton, Raising the Sword of Avalon
  • Judith Onley, Master Your Life, Connect with Your Spirit
  • Angela Dacey, Live Life Colourfully
  • Tara Greene, Goddess Workshop
  • Jacquie Hermans, Get Your Sexy On!
  • Lorella Depieri, The Oneness Movement
  • Debbie Danbrook, Walking the Sacred Labyrinth
  • Lori Raudnask, Vision Board Workshop
  • Susan Eva, John of God
  • T’ameaux Brown, Soul Journey
  • Michele Fournier, How to Talk to Your Angels
  • Angela Donnelly, tbd
  • Bari McFarland, The Passion Test

Madeleine&Honeycropped16611 (1)The holy chalice is made in the image of us. The vessel represents our conscious mind, heaven and Spirit.

The base of the cup represents our body, earth and matter. And it is the Soul which is the glue that keeps matter and Spirit together.

When we seek the Light of the Soul within, we find the Holy Grail and it is here we experience ultimate fulfillment, Heaven on Earth, the certainty of our true life destiny and the holiness within ourselves.

WE are the Living Grail.”

~ Madeleine Marentette


Sponsorship Opportunity: 3 spots left to sponsor the Red Carpet backdrop.
Have your company name up in lights. $300 first come first serve.
Contact:  [email protected]

GLF Committee 2013: Lori Raudnask, Production Co-ordinator, Alison Cohen, Jennifer Johnson, Joanne Taylor, Theresa Laurico, Lorella Depieri, Judith Leigh Robuliak, Madeleine Marentette, Producer


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