“Your Vibration Brought Forward”, April Crawford


“Your Vibration Brought Forward”

vibrations“Often in the hustle bustle of the linear world the element of spirit is set aside. Each one of you have incarnated to offer something to the reality.

Perhaps it is time to calm down the frantic responses to a demanding day and just allow yourself to be.

There are a million excuses why this could not be possible. However, somewhere in the essentially over crowded day a few moments of silence could be created.

  • It is a matter of focus. Decide that your soul has a place in the daily routine.
  • It would be reasonable to not worry how long time wise the moment is, but to deeply connect briefly to reset the day.

At first it may feel hazy and elusive, but with each engagement there can be an energy exchange that will alter the vibration.

Consistency to the practice will enhance your participation. Allowing it to have a moment will also bring what you have to offer as an eternal energy. It is important to realize that what you have to offer may not be a physical enactment, but one so deeply vibratory that it changes the texture of the reality without physical awareness.

It is not about immediate results. It is a consistent practice of clarity that the soul, who is without time constraints, wishes to share.

We simply imply that your vibration brought forward is far more powerful than you realize.

  • Find the silence.
  • Engage it consistently.

It will be a valuable tool as you walk through your life.”



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