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It Brings Joy Within’

“In the linear it often becomes imperative for you to solve all difficulties immediately. A feeling of despair may arise if a solution is not available in the next moment.

Remember that one incarnates to expand and learn. Many of those difficulties are created and co-created by your own energy. You may exclaim that that is not the case! “Why would I create a problem for myself or allow another to create it for me?”

It is understood that all want to have a harmonious care free existence. Your physical self most likely has a very long list of things that would do just that. By remembering your soulful intentions the difficulties can be examined to find the opportunity of expansion within them.

Take a good look at what has been created to take in the lessens involved. By doing so, you are finding solutions while allowing your energy to grow in the process.

Once the growth is in place, the victim aspect of the creation diminishes. One is able to find solutions, but also expand.

To think in such a way allows your energy to make better use of your physical incarnation.

Start now by accepting the presence of problems. Examine them for the core lesson. Learn and apply the lessons to your daily routine. You may find that once this is in place, there may be a reduction of negativity.

Attempt not to buy into the problem. Observe it. Learn it. Resolve it. Move on.

Often this can be done with a smile on your heart.

Learning the lessons brings joy within.”


April Crawford is a True Deep Trance Full Body Spiritual Channel and Medium.
Briefly, what this means is that April Crawford can allow herself to smoothly enter into a deep trance state, essentially leaving her physical body to allow other non-physical independent conscious beings and guides to have conversations with you about a wide range of topics with virutally zero distortion or “coloring” by April (because she is not there).


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