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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this soul centered survivor; a woman that have risen above extraordinary circumstance, transformed through horrific tragedy and long-term recovery, is now on a mission and has found her purpose in life.

Armed with her personal life experiences, now engages in a life designed to help better the lives of others. Blessed with a history in social work, she is now on a mission to awaken others to the power of thought, using the law of attraction, she is on a mission to educate others of the positive transformation in life that is created by one’s own.

‘Willpower, Attitude and Gratitude’.

We are elated to celebrate this woman is now her to help the women of our world!






Susanne Witte

… a transformational coach.

Her background is social work and marketing which she studied in Berlin, Germany.

susanne jennifer bealeWith over 15 years network and event experience Susanne is very well connected and loves to connect people. (Susanne with Jennifer Beale, BizNetworknews)

Susanne is experienced in the outreach field and media world. She published several articles in Magazines, been interviewed on radio and TV.

She is active involved in the community helping shelters and homeless.

Being on festivals with her art and helping a well with volunteer work in community events.

300skinWell, I am a woman that has risen above 23 recovery surgeries as a result from being a survivor of ‘3rd degree burns’ covering 40% of my body, injury caused by a motor vehicle accident; a car knocking me off the sidewalk with 70 km. an hour impact, plus.

What is a burn?

A burn is tissue damage caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight or nuclear radiation. The most common burns are those caused by scalds, building fires and flammable liquids and gases.

* First-degree burns affect only the outer layer (the epidermis) of the skin.
* Second-degree burns damage the epidermis and the layer beneath it (the dermis).
* Third-degree burns involve damage or complete destruction of the skin to its full depth and damage to underlying tissues.

How does the body react to a severe burn?

The swelling and blistering characteristic of burns is caused by the loss of fluid from damaged blood vessels. In severe cases, such fluid loss can cause shock. Burns often lead to infection, due to damage to the skin’s protective barrier.

How are burns treated?

In many cases, topical antibiotics (skin creams or ointments) are used to prevent infection. For third-degree burns and some second-degree ones, immediate blood transfusion and/or extra fluids are needed to maintain blood pressure. Grafting with natural or artificial materials speeds the post-burn healing process.

What is skin grafting?

There are two types of skin grafts. An autologous skin graft transfers skin from one part of the body to another while an allograft transfers skin from another person, sometimes even a cadaver. Scientists typically take cells from the epidermal layer of skin and then grow them into large sheets of cells in the laboratory. They do not yet know how to grow the lower, dermal layer of skin in the lab. For this reason, surgeons, after removing burned skin, first cover the area with an artificial material and then add the cell sheets on top. This procedure helps encourage the growth of new skin

What is the prognosis for severe burn victims?

A few decades ago, burns covering half the body were often fatal. Now, thanks to research, many people with burns covering 90 percent of their bodies can survive, although they often have permanent impairments and scars. Well, my case was pretty serious at that time plus they had no burn unit in that hospital.

With my permission to take pictures of me, they began a file of images to monitor my progress to send medical students and use in case study purposes, making me famous in medical journals on burn victims. This study had such a strong affect on the people involved, and a few years later, an actual ‘burn unit’ was added to that hospital.

The Beginning of a New Journey, into the world of philanthropy ….

Shared Field of ExperiencesSchramm

My recovery allowed me to offer my time to others, as I would go to burn victims, talk to them show them that life goes on and that you can have pretty amazing results if you put your mind through it.

Burn victims undergo a heck of pain, plus you way you look changes dramatically. If you are burned severely, damages include the loss of all muscle usage, and the saying used for these patients ( quietly) describes patient as literally “cooked”.

In this situation, a lot people give up, falling into depression, giving up all hope and some of them going as far of thinking about suicide.

“..well and that is where I would come in..”

I would do that for a few years in extreme cases.

talk to them …

show them …

empower them that they can do it to …

that I have been there …

“I mean they wanted to actually amputate my legs!!!”

Due to the change in my attitude, which was at that time ANGER, I changed my world and I do have my legs today.

“ANGER” changed to “I will show show”…to “wow I can do that”…to..” I am doing it”…to ” I will use my legs the same way like I did before”…so Attitude and Taking Action is so important and visualizing yourself completely walking again/moving.

I would tell the patients … “Well, if I can do it, You could do it too!”

Yes … that is what I would tell them and show them … with the book the pictures of me … with my story living through it. The Hospital where all this wonderful recovery took place is the Behring Krankenhaus. It is in Berlin Germany, in Zehlendorf.

I am now starting to get proud of my scars, because they remind me of what I have been able to do, and keep me humble simultaneously.

“We are all extremely powerful when we decide to Take Action.”

My experience as a cancer survivor as well, has taught me how much impact your own ‘Will Power, Attitude and Gratitude‘ has on life; and that if you really go for it “Nothing can stop you!”

susanne radioI am also a radio host at Loana Morgan’s radio, launching the show THE SOUL TOUCHER.

I love to share inspiring soul stories.


susanne header_bg

Susanne is also an active board member of the Virsa, a south Asian culture foundation.

Through The Virsa Foundation, I am actually organizing the first South Asian International Film Festival.

As an Artist my paintings are going to auctions for charities.

122 Foundation was founded in 2008 and have consistently achieved success in creating activities and events that are beneficial for bringing the diverse communities together. Virsa Foundation strongly believes in bringing people together from diverse cultural backgrounds through arts, music and other services.

Their mandate is to contribute to the success of families within diverse communities with major emphasis on the South Asian Culture. Virsa Foundation attains this, by providing programming and services in the areas of: art, research and resource development for seniors, adults, youth and children, Mental Health and Addiction, Health Care and Violence Prevention.

Virsa Foundation has been actively conducting events that show cultural heritage and have been very successful in planning and implementing these events. Due to the past success of these events and the support from the community volunteers, Virsa Foundation has the ability to carry out an event of this magnitude. The CEO, Board Members and volunteers of Virsa Foundation have an extensive knowledge of planning events, arranging for performers and outreaching to different communities. Virsa Foundation also believes in empowering youth to take an active role in these events.

susanne butterfly artVirsa Foundation is a social, health and arts, and cultural service organization; helping the communities in the GTA Area. Our primary focus of intervention is the South Asian Community with an emphasis on other diverse communities.

Virsa Foundation provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services in an integrated holistic approach. We are an agency which provides equitable client driven and client centered services in partnership with many stakeholders. We also present a platform for people to build their neighborhood and communities by volunteering and working in their own area.

Furthermore, Virsa Foundation offers opportunities for new immigrants to gain experience in the social work and health promotion field. Whether you require services in the areas of addictions, mental health, seniors, parenting, health promotion, violence prevention, or you would simply like to volunteer or complete your student placement hours.

Mission – Improve cultural awareness and cultural integration among diverse community.

Vision – Our vision is to educate and empower community members and community partner’s by creating cutting edge programs and opportunities in the areas of multicultural education, self-awareness and advocacy, intercultural understanding, and social services programs. Virsa Foundation would also like to establish collaboration of different organization in working together to provide excellent services and reach more communities in Canada.


WomanThinkingMy favorite quote “Watch what you think and speak always as though somebody important to you is listening!”


Susanne is a trained Law of Attraction coach who successful has committed her life to empower people.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION is always working, you can never escape it. Everything that comes into your life, you are attracting into your life; and you see, as we understand The Secret, then we can sit down and dictate exactly what we want to come into our life, and with absolute certainty it will arrive.

susanne with bob ProctorLet’s stop and think of who we are, what we are. You see, I said I am Bob Proctor. The truth is I’m not really Bob Proctor. Bob and Proctor are two words, that’s my name, but it’s not me. I might look at myself and say this is me, but this isn’t Bob Proctor, this isn’t me either. You’ve never heard anybody phone into work and say ‘Body’s not coming into today, it’s sick’. You’ve never heard anyone say ‘Am hand’ you say ‘My hand’, My name’, ‘My job’. These are the things we have, but it’s not me……

I am a soul, a spirit: non-physical, and I live in this physical body. And I have the ability to dictate the vibration that my mind and body will be in.

This entire universe operates by law, there are no accidents, and vibration decrees – the law of vibration – that we literally live in an ocean of motion; absolutely nothing rests, everything moves, everything’s vibrating at one speed or another. (Susanne with Bob Proctor)

susanne power of  thoughtAnd we can move into a positive or a negative vibration. We use the word feeling to describe the conscious awareness of the vibration we are in.

If you hear a person say “I’m not feeling very well”, what they’re really saying is “I am in a negative vibration”.

When you hear a person say “I feel so good”, what they’re really saying is “I’m in a positive vibration”.

When you’re in a negative vibration, the only energy you can attract to you is like energy; you’re going to attract negative situations into your life.

When you are in a positive vibration, the only thing you can attract into your life are things that are in harmony with you; positive things.

Her favorite work is to make people aware in her seminars about GRATITUDE and the power of your thoughts and actions.

  • Are you who you want to be?
  • Do you live somebody else’s life?
  • Need some inspiration or motivation?
  • If you could have wave a magic wand, where would you be?

She is a coach, mentor, motivational speaker, artist business woman, mom and lover of life. She is simply a very positive being.


Susanne WitteSusanne with Monika Burwise, The Global Awakening Institute

We have decades of experience in the arenas of personal growth and spiritual development, as both an individual personal quest, and in following our calling as teachers and healers. Our goal of demystifying the myths & mysteries of spiritual evolution and answering the age old questions about life, our years of studying, researching and exploring the underlying dynamics of human existence, the mechanics of the mind & consciousness, and the mysteries of our inner spiritual nature, has both positioned us as experts in the field, and fired in us a passion to share what we have discovered.

Having researched, explored and taught human dynamics, spiritual development and personal empowerment for over 20 years, Graham & Monika are uniquely able to share their experience and wisdom with profound clarity and expert precision, allowing you to immediately begin applying it in your own life to create powerful shifts in consciousness and positive transformation.

susanne monika grahamGraham & Monika’s eclectic training in diverse fields include philosophy, psychology, mysticism, quantum mechanics, systems theory, information processing theory, quantum computing, business development & communications, etc.

Some of their teachers have included: Osho, Sant Thakar Singh, Paramahansa Yogananda, Don Miguel Ruiz, Carolyn Myss, Jim Garrison, Dr John Demartini, Marcia Martin, and many others.

susanne a view into her soulUsing my experiences in life, I have grown to love inspiring and motivating people, teaching them how to become aware of their own personal abilities and power that they carry inside themselves. My life is filled with joy as I see the transformation of others in my work, as so many are blinded by tragedy that they lose sight of their own essence.

Through my techniques a ‘Re-awakening to Self’ transforms lives!.

Helping people to be themselves and believe in themselves is my passion; and that is WHY I do what I do.


Susanne’s Quote of the Day:

“Hypothetically, people worry about everyone being selfishly oriented. “If everyone did exactly what they want to do, what kind of world would this be?” And we say, a really, really good one. Because if everyone did what they wanted to do, everyone would feel free. And if you feel free, you feel empowered. And every negative emotion that exists—hear this—every negative emotion that exists is because there is some sense of loss of freedom somewhere in there.

— Abraham


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Burns Fact Sheet – National Institute of Medical

A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this power of example for all women into our Alumni with open arms, looking forward to her continued transformation.




Brava Susanne!



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