RELATIONSHIPS: Thriving in a Modern World, Event – April 4



RELATIONSHIPS: Thriving in a Modern World

Men are not from Mars; Women are not from Venus 

Join us to find out ‘why’ …. ;)


Thursday, April 4, 2013



 Thank you to our beautiful speakers and

sponsor Milestones Empress Walk

Presented by TWE, In partnership with A Celebration of Women™ 


  • Tickets online $20 , $25 at the door
  • Light hors d’heurves will be served courtesy of Milestones
  • Parking validated for 2 hours level P2 only (parking fees apply over 2 hours, bring your receipt with you to the event to be validated) 
  • Get off the subway at North York, Empress Walk

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Location: Milestone’s Empress Walk

5095 Yonge Street

North York, ON M2N 6Z4

(416) 225-2552


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm



  • DOORS OPEN 6:30 PM
  • TASTY hors d’heurves served at 7:00 PM
  • SPEAKER #1 – 7:30 – 8:00 PM
  • BATHROOM BREAK: 8:00 – 8:15 PM
  • SPEAKER #2 – 8:15 – 8:45 PM

5 (1)Monika Burwise is an author, speaker, coach and consultant with a transformational leading edge message. She is considered a modern mystic, who walks her talk daily.

  • Special Guest Speaker:  Spiritual Master, Monika Burwise, Global Awakening Institute
  • Author, speaker, coach and consultant.  
  • Monika and her husband Graham’s signature programs include: “Master the Art of Relationships, ‘Living Inside Out’, ‘Access Your Power’, ‘Accelerate Your Growth’, ‘Gear Yourself For Incredible Success’ and ‘Personal Mastery Programs’

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Relationship coach, Julie Ward  

Julie-Ward-200x300Topic: Relationship Magic – Is It Really Possible? – going beyond limits – incredible personal story that will blow your mind – demystifying myths and illusions of relationships – so what are relationships really all about? – are you sure you want a soul mate?

Title:  Love Potion 99 : The Trials and Tributionals of Connecting in Relationship! – trying to figure the opposite sex out – navigating getting your needs met in and out of the bedroom – what works for women and what works with men – “Now I get it”  or rather “Now, i know HOW to get it!” – delight and humour for all!

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach brings over 20+ years of experience that includes Transformational, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Feminine Presence Embodiment, NLP, Landmark Education Curriculum and private studies with acclaimed spiritual & sexuality teachers.

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Monika has studied  with spiritual masters and teachers like Jim Garrison, Caroline Myss, and Andrew Harvey, joining their team exploring mystical secrets and ancient wisdom. She has also studied with a Tibetan Master and Buddhist teachers, exploring new levels of consciousness through practice of mindfulness and meditation. She empowers and inspires people all over the world through her wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Since 2011 Monika has enjoyed the rare privilege of being the only new apprentice of Don Miquel Ruiz – Toltec shaman and healer from the Eagle Knight lineage, and well-known author of ‘the Four Agreements’.

Monika is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment in the areas of love & relationships, creativity and business. She is a humanitarian with an inspired vision of improving the lives of people worldwide, by working from the inside out. Monika is also an intuitive energy healer, born with a gift of intuition and healing, and she has worked at expanding her abilities for most of her life. Monika and her husband Graham founded Global Awakening Institute as a platform for sharing their wisdom and to explore the boundaries of human potential.

Their signature programs include “Master the Art of Relationships, ‘Living Inside Out’, ‘Access Your Power’, ‘Accelerate Your Growth’, ‘Gear Yourself For Incredible Success’ and ‘Personal Mastery Programs’. Her journey has not been without challenges, two near fatal car accidents drastically changing the course of her life. The chronic pain resulting from a broken neck, post traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression were some of the toughest obstacles she had ever faced. Her recovery was long and painful, but her perseverance and determination to succeed enabled her to overcome these catastrophic challenges and fully regain her health. For more information about our courses, private sessions, VIP Breakthrough sessions, workshops, Mastery Programs and Success Coaching Programs please visit their website at


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WHAT DOES JULIE WARD OFFER? As a reconnection coach she passionately works with women who wish to experience more connection and deeper intimacy;  specializing in teaching women how to let go of fear, shame and judgment to heal their pasts and reclaim their feminine and sexual Selves, through private sessions, intensives and process groups. HER PROMISE? Clients will experience more confidence, trust and build empowered self-esteem with healthy boundaries through her experiential and embodiment coaching practices in service of relationship excellence. WHO IS JULIE WARD? She’s a certified coach and a devoted life-long learner, bringing over 20+ years of extensive training to her practice that includes Transformational, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Feminine Presence Embodiment, NLP, Landmark Education Curriculum and private studies with acclaimed spiritual & sexuality teachers.

She has strong family-oriented values and believes that our intimate relationships hold the keys to the locked parts of our souls that long to be fully expressed. She is a very proud mother of two incredible daughters and is a woman who has resiliently triumphed over her own life challenges such as rape, domestic violence and a few relationships. With a successful, results-oriented corporate track record with many corporate giants since 1985, she developed a “rubber hits the road” edge that proved invaluable for resolving inherited “train-wreck” projects. By 1996, single, with a 3-year old she decided she needed “more money and less hours”.

She quit her job, taking her first private consulting contract and she’s never looked back. As an insightful and inspiring relationship contributor she speaks and writes internationally about Intimacy, Sexuality and Relationship. Her compelling story, will be published in her forth-coming book, “As I Go Home, One Woman’s Journey Recovering from Rape” with excerpts being published in 2013 in The Gratitude Project book and The Goddess Imperative’s – Women’s Empowerment book. HER TOP SPEECHES: v From Business Mom To Bedroom Siren v Letting Go ofthe BS (Belief Systems) v Tangled or Tango’d – The Dance We Do v Healing through Rape


“Strong & empowering! We need more of that kind of awareness!” – Natalie Ng,

“Awesome Julie! Just brilliant next time TEDTalks J” — Geraldine Brown

“Julie, your talk was fabulous! You were absolutely brilliant and so strong and clear in your message. I am so inspired by the joy and power in which you speak your truth.” – Susan McGyver

“Thanks Julie for your honest talk – you are courageous to the core! Keep making a difference” –Jennifer Beale



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