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There is no such thing as one hundred percent secure internet browsing. There are too many threats out there at the moment and new one emerging every day. That being said, there are certainly products, like Norton 360, that are very affordable and can efficiently and effectively mitigate the risk of security issues with your home PCs.

Symantec, the company responsible for all Norton products, has made leaps and bounds with their internet security suites over the years. Proactive addressing of emerging threats is one of the features that make Norton 360 and the other security products offered by Symantec so beneficial for everyday computer users and businesses. By monitoring and proactively heading off emerging threats, Norton 360 ensures your PCs are always protected from internet risks.

1 (1)Not all risks come from online browsing time either. There are many other ways in which threats can reach your PCs and affect your personal data, files and even your identity integrity. Knowing this, Symantec incorporates multi-layer protection in Norton 360, ensuring that threats that may come from network intruders, mobile phone malaware, and even plug and play devices are also proactively identified before they have the chance to affect your PCs.

Among the biggest benefits of Norton 360 is its real time scanning features that prevent viruses, phishing and other security risks from your social media activities from affecting your computers. Other big benefits that come with the new platform are security measures for Android phones, the two-way firewall, and the silent mode network monitoring in real time that operates so quietly and efficiently you’ll never even know its running.

Online providers, like antivirusbarn, offer Norton 360 at deep discounts, making top notch digital security affordable.



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