Mercury Direct Tomorrow – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!‏


virgo-horoscopo211[1]Gemini and Virgo rejoice as their ruling planet, Mercury turns direct on Sunday.

With the stellium in Pisces, Virgo has been swirling and knocked around for weeks. The sooner their ruler can get the hell out of Pisces the better!

Gemini is also looking good tomorrow. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in their sign, so seize the day!

For everyone else, this is your green light to shop and sign things, but I doubt many rush right out to do so.
Clarity (Mercury) may not be here is exactly yet, but by God (Pisces) it’s coming!

We’re going to deal with (or enjoy) meandering streams (Pisces) of information (Mercury) for a few more weeks until Mercury hits Aries.

At that point we can all sing, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road“, while pretending we know exactly what Elton John is talking about. 😉

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Elsa P

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