Elsa, ‘malaise turn to action’


elsa-PWe’ve had a large stellium of planets in Pisces over the last month.

One by one these bodies are leaving Pisces for Aries.

You can expect to seemalaise turn to action‘ , as this shift occurs!

  • Mars -> Aries – March 12th
  • Sun -> Aries – March 20th
  • Venus -> Aries – March 21th

Separate but related, Mercury turns direct on Sunday, March 17th.

You can see what’s happening here. It’s like starting a sequence to launch a missile.

A race car is only going to stay idle for so long. I look forward to seeing people and things hit the fast track.

I think it will be exciting!

95c4d263If you’ve got some kind of baby you’re trying to birth, or a project you want to get underway, now is the time to Take Positive Action.

If you want to talk about these issues or anything else, please schedule a phone appointment or contact me for an email consult.

I have a new detailed transit report available.

Check out my other reports here. Follow on Twitter.

Have a great day!
Elsa P


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