Bill Clinton and Ginger Katz on her way home from DC.



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LISTEN Ginger Katz, CEO & Founder, and Larry Katz, M.S. Nutrition & B.S. Psychology, discuss Courage to Speak- Courageous Parenting 101 with Radio Personality, Wendy Corey.

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leftmanGinger Katz presented at the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) in DC on February 5th and it was wonderful turnout. She was given a very large venue to present and the room was filled with prevention folks from across the country.

There were people in the audience who were presently implementing our programs and gave testimonials. Ginger could not have asked for more.

bill tyOn the plane ride home, Ginger met former President Clinton and his assistant took their photo.

Ginger Katz gave former President Clinton her book Sunny’s Story and he expressed his concern about the issue.

In any event, the trip was very successful and she enjoyed the plane ride home as well as the CADCA Conference.

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This photo was taken of former President Bill Clinton and Ginger Katz on her way home from DC after speaking at the CADCA National Conference


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