“10 Best Iphone Apps ‘if’ you get stuck in elevator”



elevatorstuckGetting stuck in an elevator is certainly not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. Time begins to pass slowly and minutes seem to stretch on forever, which only adds to the stress of the situation.

The best thing you can do is keep yourself and everyone around you calm until you’re all able to exit the elevator. Having some handy tools as well as some forms of entertaining everyone will help in that regard.

So get your iPhone kitted out with these 10 excellent apps, because you never know when you are going to need them.

  1. iHandy Torch Free – Being stuck in a stalled elevator with no power and no lights can truly feel like one of life’s worst case scenarios. The free iHandy Torch app uses your iPhone’s camera flash to produce a powerful flashlight with multiple light effect features. You can also activate the flashlight with a simple shake of your phone.
  2. Comics – Hopefully your ordeal in the elevator won’t last too long. However, if you are stuck there for a while, reading some great downloadable comics will help keep you calm. This is no second rate app, either. You can access content from such big names as Marvel, DC and Image comics, just to name a few. Best of all, the app and library of over 30,000 titles are completely free.
  3. Kindle – The Amazon Kindle app is another lifesaver if you ever find yourself stuck in an elevator. With over 900,000 titles available, including both purchasable and free books, the Kindle is a must have app for when you find yourself in a tight spot. The app itself is free from the iPhone store.
  4. Angry Birds – This is a game that just keeps on giving. Make sure to have Angry Birds Original, Seasons, Rio or Space downloaded to your iPhone when you’re in a pinch. The free versions of each game are packed full of levels and you can also upgrade for $0.99.
  5. iBook –Apple’s own eBook reader iBook syncs with your Apple ID for ease of access. The app beautifully renders text for easy reading in a number of different fonts and languages. The iBook-shelf is a convenient way to access all of your titles, right from your iPhone home-screen.
  6. MyMedia – Download Manager – Streaming video and other media is a great way to pass time; however, that won’t help you if your iPhone is unable to go online. That is why an app like MyMedia-Download Manager is invaluable. You can download unlimited media, such as videos, music, images and documents to your handset. MyMedia-Download Manager is free of charge from the iTunes store, which is pretty impressive for an app that handles pretty much any type of media format.
  7. Imagine Poker – This is a classic game, so you would imagine that there isn’t much more to say. However, the developers, Candymaker, have added a new twist to the game. You can enter tournaments against over 20 historical and fictional characters, including Abraham Lincoln, Genghis Khan and even the Cheshire Cat.
  8. Police Siren – Getting stuck in an elevator is no fun; especially if you discover that there is no alarm call. You could be there for hours, shouting for help before anyone hears you. This free app will help spare your voice. However, make sure that everyone covers their ears before you set it off.
  9. Wreck this App – A recurring theme in the reviews for this app is how well it works for stress relief. Being confined to a small space most definitely qualifies as stressful, so Wreck this App may be the best $4.99 you ever spend. The app is basically an interactive activity game that incorporates other areas of your iPhone. You can poke holes in your pictures, scribble out your contacts and much more.
  10. Animation Desk™ for iPhone – This app brings a very close approximation of a real animator’s workspace to your iPhone home-screen. Create your own simple animations from scratch or trace previously captured videos for use with the app. If you’re really good, you could become the hero of the day by keeping your other elevator detainees entertained until you are rescued. For only $2.99, the hours of potential entertainment this app provides are well worth the money spent.

When you’re stuck in an elevator, it’s best to keep in mind that you will eventually find your way out. Regardless of how hopeless the situation may feel while you’re being held captive, remembering that your sentence isn’t a permanent one can help to stave off panic until you’re able to leave.

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