You Did It, Congo Peace is on the White House Agenda‏



The Maman Shujaa ‘Hero Women’ of Congo thank you and everyone who signed their petition calling for a special US presidential envoy to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Your voices have made a difference.

As Neema Namadamu toured the US this past fall, heralding a women-led peace movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she had a goal in sight: for her message to reach the White House.

Thanks to your signatures on her petition, Neema’s dream has become a reality.

On January 29, Neema gathered the Maman Shujaa ‘Hero Women‘ around a phone in Bukavu, DRC to await the call from Washington, while her Congolese ‘sister’ Adele Kibasumba hand delivered their petition to White House National Security Council leaders.

World Pulse founder/CEO Jensine Larsen, organizer Shelby Knox, Enough Project campaign manager JD Stier, and actress Robin Wright joined her in delivering 100,000+ signatures and one united message urging the appointment of a special presidential envoy for peace in DRC.

The petition garnered signatures from across the world and reflects a coalition of organizations, grassroots activists, and world leaders united in action. Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee endorsed the petition, saying “I believe that trusting Congolese women will secure the future of that great nation.”

JD Stier observed that this meeting felt different than any other White House meeting he has attended.

While the US government hasn’t yet made immediate commitments to appoint an envoy, it is clear that this grassroots effort may be a tipping point.

Neema Namadamu

“We will not be quiet until REAL Peace is upon us.” -Neema Namadamu

World Pulse extends our gratitude to all who showed their support of these grassroots heroes by signing the petition. We know, however, that the work must continue.

Let’s keep up the momentum!


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