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Be The Light

be the light“Getting caught up in the chaos of linear life can be seemingly an average experience, the potholes of despair and the trappings of disconnect literally reaching towards you to pull you down into the darkness.

We could endlessly speak of such things as acknowledgement that life can be difficult.


Perhaps it can be an opportunity to be far above average. Decide to close your senses to all difficulty by reaching towards the beauty and calm of your own essence.

All who incarnate posses the ability to rise above anything. Decide to move away from strife, while nurturing the vibration of your own soul.

Be the light.

Some of you came to this place to be just that… a beam of light. All time-frames have their challenges. There is no way to escape the negativity, so why not transform it to a level that is more positive?

Be the light.

By holding the torch high, and believing in its glow, you are helping to change the world.

One light at a time.

Be the light.

Others may not accept it at first. They may argue, while becoming more belligerent.

Continue holding the light.

Eventually it will not be ignored.

Eventually its warmth may convince the most stoic negative person.

It will require patience and courage.

It will take time.


It will ultimately have impact and value.

Be the light.



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