Saving Humanity – Save Yourself First, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


We are ‘time travelers’ on many different levels.

Central idea

Time_Traveler__s_Wife_by_fhrankeeAivanhov’s philosophy teaches that everybody, regardless of race, religion, social position, intellectual ability or material means, is able to take part in the realization of a new period of brotherhood and peace on earth.

This happens through the individual’s personal transformation: growth in perfection and in harmony with the divine world.

Whatever the topic, he invariably focuses on how one can better conduct life on earth.

Aivanhov taught that to achieve a better life, one must have a high ideal.

“… if you have a High Ideal such as the bringing of the Kingdom of God onto earth, you obtain everything you wished for, and you taste plenitude.”

Initiatic Science

aivanhovAïvanhov teaches the ancient principles of initiatic science.

He describes the cosmic laws governing both the universe and the human being, the macrocosm and microcosm, and the exchanges that constantly take place between them.

This knowledge has taken different forms throughout the centuries. It is the “perennial wisdom” expressed through various religions, each adapted to the spirit of a particular time, people, and level of spiritual evolution.

Aivanhov’s teaching incorporates aspects of Esoteric Christianity that relate to finding the “Kingdom of God on earth” within the individual.

One of the essential truths of initiatic science, according to Aivanhov, is that (in the higher world) all things are linked. Thus committing oneself to the Kingdom of God on earth makes it realizable: “The real science is to form within ourselves, in the depths of our being, this Body that Initiates call the Body of Glory, the Body of Light, the Body of Christ.”

The following from Omraam is one of the most common forms available to everyone:

“If you decide to broaden your activity – the activity of thinking and feeling – you will one day be able to send nourishment out into the whole world – celestial food. You may be wondering how this is possible.

Here is an example. You meet a man or woman who inspires you with admiration and love. Realize that in the invisible your thoughts and feelings travel, so they affect not only that one man or woman but many others as well who happen to be in their path and who, suddenly, without knowing how or why, find themselves filled with love, joy and hope.

How many such currents travel through space, unbeknown to either those who send them out or those who receive them! Try from now on to take this truth seriously, so that you can give everyone the very best nourishment from your heart and soul.”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

gaggleNow that esotericism is in fashion, there are people who think that, once they’ve read a few books and more or less understood them, they are capable of opening a school and having disciples! Will they really be able to enlighten them and help them to change?

Well, no, for to be able to change people you have to have ‘changed yourself first‘.

A young girl loves a boy who is an alcoholic or a drug addict, and, convinced she is going to rescue him from his vice, she marries him. It’s a good thing to want to save someone, but what is she going to save him with? Does she have enough knowledge? What happens is, not only does she fail to save him, but she may be driven to drink and drugs herself.

They don’t ask themselves, ‘Do I have the knowledge, the love, the light, the purity, willpower and moral strength required?’

They see themselves as capable, that the fact they are there, that they exist and want to do it should be enough.

Unfortunately, it isn’t, and they fail.”

The term energy has been widely used by writers and practitioners of various esoteric forms of spirituality and alternative medicine to refer to a variety of phenomena.

Such “energy” is often seen as a continuum that unites body and mind.

plenitudeThe term “energy” also has a scientific context, and the scientific foundations of physical energy are often confused or misused to justify a connection to a scientific basis for physical manifestations, properties, detectability, or sensing of psychic energy and other physic phenomena where no presently known scientific basis exists. It is sometimes conceived of as a universal life force running within and between all things, (as in some forms of vitalism), as doctrines of subtle bodies or as concepts such as qi, prana, or kundalini.

Spiritual energy is often closely associated with the metaphor of life as breath – the words ‘qi’, ‘prana’, and ‘spirit’, for instance, are all related in their respective languages to the verb ‘to breathe‘. Sometimes it is equated with the movement of breath in the body, sometimes described as visible “auras”, “rays”, or “fields” or as audible or tactile “vibrations“. These are often held to be perceptible to anyone, though this may be held to require training or sensitization through various practices.

So many people think they can read a book, stay as they are and Change Humanity. Not! 🙁 BE THE CHANGE

Inspired by Shirlee Hall, Be Healed Forever

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