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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this ever expanding, globally focused powerhouse of a teacher.
Devoting her life to helping others in the areas of business, communications and language, she has created a global virtual forum that enables all to unite through her vision of what she has affectionately named: GLOBAL ENGLISH.

Within her vision, an interdisciplinary English teaching system, she intends to develop eloquent, self-confident learners who can utilize their communicative competence for self-actualization as they grow in stature before God and men. The mission to create a universal language has a core vision of a world with equality, positive growth and unity.

She has also been inspired to pen a new release based on “Languages and Cultures”.

Stay tuned!



mary moore profile

Mary Moore


Welcome to Lectures International by Mary Moore (LIMM)!

MARY - PHILIPPINESAfter working 12 years as a teacher, president, and CEO of English With Mary Moore LLC ( — a professional online English Academy– I have now developed its “sister” company, Lectures International by Mary Moore (LIMM).

What is LIMM?

LIMM is a speakers’ bureau with a pool of distinguished international experts who, along with myself, are capable of running seminars/ lectures on various pertinent topics.

Currently I am giving a seminar workshop on;


What is the goal of LIMM?

mary vision The vision of this company is to be able to share expertise and knowledge with various cultures of the world.

It allows me to travel, meet new people, and expand where I could not before.

Inspired by this new vision, I see myself writing a book based on “Languages and Cultures“. This book would focus on unity and diversity while sharing innovating strategies on effective global communication.


I. Seminar Information:

General Topic
The seminar is sub divided into three parts:

1. The first part tackles Global English and international business, social, and personal communications.
2.The second part is all about effective communication styles and ethics for leaders in this 21st century.
3. The third part presents the supernatural aspect of gaining wealth.b. Seminar Title – “English for Gaining Respect, Recognition, and Wealth in the 21st Century”


II. Seminar Rationales:

mary seminarA. This seminar focuses on promoting and refining the use of English as a tool for global communication.

This means speaking and writing English more clearly so that it can be understood throughout the world. This seminar is dedicated to helping people learn to speak and write “Global English.

In particular, we show you how to globalize your English by streamlining its syntax and by freeing it from idioms that are specific to the participants’ own culture.This is also aimed to introduce and train the participants on Standard/ Global English accents.

mary moore collageIn general, we help leaders,business persons become more aware of the existing usage of global English. Whatever your situation is, this seminar can be of help to you.

B. In today‘s fast-paced environment, an effective and adaptable communication style is essential.

Attention spans are short and leaders (teachers) may be asked to interact with a myriad of different personalities in a number of different situations, both personally and professionally.

This seminar is designed to inspire critical thought on communication styles and choices.



Introduction to Global English

mary introduction

  • What Is Global English?
  • Why Global English?

Benefits of Global English for Professional Writers and Editors

  • The Cardinal Rule of Global English
  • Global English and Language Technologies
  • Machine-Translation Software
  • Translation Memory
  • Controlled-Authoring Software
  • Practical Considerations for Implementing Global English
  • Prioritize the Guidelines
  • Build a Relationship with Your Localization Staff
  • Eliminate Non-essential Information
  • Insert Explanations for Translators

Frequently Asked Questions about Global English

  • What is the relationship between Global English and controlled English?
  • Do the Global English guidelines make all sentences clear and easy to translate?







BHUTANDorji Jamyang

“This is a very well thought of program. “All I can say is “incredible!” Highly recommended.”

Shreeni Tashi

“I appreciate Mary to come here. I know that we needed to hear this, and I thankful that she was able to grace us with her presence.”

Thukten Lobsang

“I like that Mary teaches very elegantly. She is peaceful yet powerful. There are many simple truths that I learn in this workshop.”


brunei mary studentsRara Sapphera:

“This workshop is very interesting. I agree so much with the topic of Global English. Mary Moore is a very talented woman.”

Zyrha Abdul:

“I’m glad there is someone talking about this. Maybe other people know, but for me my first time to hear issues like this. Mary is very graceful teacher, she knows how to explain clearly. I hope she will give another workshop here.”

brunei flagShah Fatin Mia:

“I am able to use many information that was given in the seminar.

I want to increase my wealth and recognition.

This workshop has helped me to do so. Thank you so much Mary Moore.”


BURMA MARYBinnya-Thura:

“I was interested in this seminar and meeting Mary Moore in person ever since I started English classes at EwMM 1 years ago. She is a very patient teacher, and speaks very easy to understand. Even though it seems like a complex issue, she makes us feel comfortable. Truly, a great teacher.”

Theippan Wunna:

“This is my first time to hear about this. I’m happy Mary Moore came to visit us here, and share this knowledge. I agree with all things she talked about.’She is very smart and empowered woman‘.”

BURMAMa Sayama:

“Thanks very much to dear friend Mary.

I’m glad she was able to share this workshop here in Burma. Let me know when you will visit again, I enjoy intellectual discussions with you.”


cambodia marySrey Lo Ong:

“This means a lot to me. It was my first time to hear such things in Mary Moore’s seminar. She teaches well and gives lots of encouragement. The message was wonderful.”

cambodia flagChea Da Nhek:

“I’m happy Mary came to here to share with us this knowledge. I hope beautiful teacher Mary will visit again.

‘I recommend this seminar for anyone seeking to learn how to achieve greatness’.


mary testimonial 1Chan Ming Len:

“Mary Moore’s seminar on ENGLISH FOR GAINING RECOGNITION, RESPECT AND WEALTH in the 21st Century makes a lot of sense.

‘I used to feel inferior over my Chinese-English’.

After the seminar, I felt better knowing that American English or British English are not the only acceptable English in the world.

The essence is, we must learn English for GLOBAL businesses and not only to suit what the Americans and British need.”

Fai Gan:

Mary Moore is the ONLY seminar facilitator who did not allow us to use an English name and she pronounced our names properly. It made me feel good.

chinaShe is right, when Americans go to China, they do not change their names even if we can not pronounce their names right.

Mary is very respectful of our culture and language.

Her Global English seminar highly recommended to everyone, not only to the Chinese but to everyone all over the world.


mary hong kongZhang Wei:

“I appreciate the seminar given by Mary. She is indeed a visionary! She brought up many interesting points for discussion, and I agree with her. ”

Min Yun Liu:

“The way of Mary Moore’s teaching is incredible. She brings to light many of the issues that I have wondered myself. I hope she will be visiting again soon.”

hong kong flagHenry Wang:

“Indeed there is greatness here. I respect Mary’s teaching and presentation. This seminar is something everyone should hear. Thank you.”


mary indonesiaPutri Wulandari:

I am so amazed with this. After this seminar I was able to act out the tips she gave in my real life. Thank you Mary Moore for helping me gain the recognition and wealth and understand the Global English.

Abigail Pertiwi:

“I agree with the points. Global English is taking over everywhere! This is a good topic. I feel very knowledgeable after this seminar.”

indonesia flagTika Wening:

“Mary is not like other teachers I know. She is kind and very patient, even with us who speak not good English.

From the introduction only I knew this was something special, I hope many people can hear this too.”


MARY JAPANKyoko Takahashi:

“I attended this seminar after I heard from a friend about it.

‘I’m very glad I went’.

Mary is a really excellent teacher, and explains clearly.

Global English is really changing our world today.”


JAPANReiko Chiba:

“I’m glad I was able to attend this Mary Moore’s seminar.

The issues she brought up were very relevant and something I needed to hear.

I hope you will come back again, Mary.”

Megumi Sato:

“Mary’s seminar was englightening. I hadn’t heard such concepts before in regarding to Global English.
I agree with her points brought up. She is really a visionary.”



Sunghoon Kim:

mary korea“I studied with Mary when she was starting with English with Mary Moore. I was just an employee. Now, I have any own company and I still hire Mary to train my employees.

‘All my employees are very happy with her teaching style that is very comfortable and very exciting.’

She is cheerful and sincere teacher. My employees and I wants her to come and visit us again. We have learned many things from her.”

Taehoon Lee:

Mary Moore is always welcome to Korea.

koreaShe is the most original professor of English in Korea.

She has been with Koreans since she was a teenager that she knows Korean history much better than I am.

It is her love for Koreans and the Korean culture that made us love her.

She is also a very respected teacher in my company. I always wish her good luck.

Mary San seng nim, KAJA!”


maylasia maryDaeng-mira Wan:

“I was very excited to attend this workshop by Mary Moore. I heard about it from a friend, so I decided I will go. This is something new to us in Indonesia, I’m happy I was able to hear.

I learned so much from her!”

Raja-akmal Ku:

malaysia“I like the new ideas of Global English. I agree that there won’t be so much division nowadays.

Mary Moore is really bringing up relevant issues.

I look forward to hearing her next seminar. Come back soon, Mary!”


MARY - PHILIPPINESButch Fernandez:

“Mary Moore’s second nature must be teaching. She speaks with ease, confidence and comfort. She is highly engaging and motivating. Her content is sound, logical and sensible. One can seldom see a teacher as effective as Mary.

I highly recommend her seminars not only in the Philippines but around the world.”

Joseph Dizon:

“From the content to the delivery down to the teacher, I rate it EXCELLENT.

PHILIPPINES FLAGIf there is another seminar by Mary Moore in my country, I will not hesitate to sign up. Go Mary, you are very promising and you make me proud knowing that your mother in Filipino.



mary taiwanHorri Lee:

The seminar was simple but full of content that is so helpful to me as a global businessman. Thank you very much Mary Moore for coming to Taiwan.

Kao Shung Lee:

“Mary Moore is right. Why do we need to kill ourselves trying to Americanize our English when business is already diffused all over the world. GLOBAL ENGLISH is the trend. I agree.”

Hsien Wu:

taiwan“I agree, global English for Global Businessmen. American or British English will not anymore be in use in the coming years.

Mary Moore is a visionary an entrepreneur. She is believable.


mary viet namBak Ha Nguyen:

“I like the way Mary teaches. It is not frustrating. She is inspiring and encouraging. I like a beautiful teacher and caring teacher like Mary.”

An Doung Cong:

vietnam flag“I had not seen a teacher as passionate as Mary Moore. Her passion for teaching and education is so inspiring that I can not forget her when I sleep. I hope she comes back to Vietnam again.

I learned 99% of what I learned, from her.”



English with Mary Moore COMPANY PROFILE

mary English with Mary Moore (EWMM)English with Mary Moore (EWMM) is an educational organization founded at the first week of October 2006 that brings the trainers and instructors to the people who need them. We offer classes for English as a Second Language (ESL), Legal English, Conversation Skills, Interview Skills, Business English, Technical Writing, and a whole lot more.

Just tell us what you need!

We instituted competitive global standards of teaching, using new-age courses of ESL/EFL corporate trainings, and seminars geared towards International Competitiveness.

MARY MOORE LOGOWe match participants to trainers & tutors after carefully assessing the needs of the students, learning style, & schedule.

Currently, EWMM is extending its services to over 20 countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea with nearly 3,000 students through its timely and customized programs and several prestigious companies.

Why Choose Us?

You can have several advantages if you decide to have English with Mary Moore as an official training partner.
• Customized Training Programs
• Quality Trainers
• Affordable Services
• Flexible Scheduling
• Quality Materials
• Highly Beneficial Programs
• Cost Free Assessments

To be a totally relevant institute for world class learners who are ready to face the challenges of career or academic world and make a difference through a flawless and powerful communicative ability

Through an interdisciplinary English teaching, EWMM intends to develop eloquent, self-confident learners who can utilize their communicative competence for self-actualization as they grow in stature before God and men.

Introduction to Our Course:
•General English
•English for Business
•24 hours Intensive English Course
•English for Exams
•Academic English
•English for Teachers
•English for Engineers
•English for Professionals
•English for Children

How is the course planned?
speakwithconfidenceAt the beginning of the course your teacher will plan your lessons following a needs identification analysis.

We ensure the course meets your exact learning needs –no two courses are ever the same.

What about the lessons?
The lessons will consist of a range of all skills ‐ reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and culture according to your English language learning needs and requirements

Do we have professional teachers?
All our teachers are professional and have experience in both classroom teaching and especially one-to-‐one. Our teachers are fully trained to ensure that total immersion is a rewarding language learning experience where the student can progress rapidly and enjoy learning at the same time.

mary english

Contact Information: Mary Moore 🙂

* Lectures International by Mary Moore
* Eagle-Lion International Foundation
* English with Mary Moore International ,LLC.
Cornell University – S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

Website: English with Mary Moore
Skype ID: www.englishwithmarymoore.com10



A Celebration of Women™

continues to celebrate this woman, her work, her vision and is elated to have her as part of our Alumni!


Brava Mary!



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