‘I AM’

is the innocent, the You that you forgot, the moment you were born.

What is the I AM?

It is your Self, the Spirit of your Spirituality the You that your parents, society, teachers and peer groups have taken so much trouble to make you forget.

The I AM power is the healing power of the universe.

It’s the force from which the universe is made, and it is also the basic substance of which we are made. The I AM power can be experienced as a light or as a profound feeling in the heart or as great wisdom.

There is no limit to the power of the I AM to heal and transform every aspect of life. The word “OM” is a form of “I AM” as well.

We can say, “I AM the power of healing, and I AM healing myself now.” Or, “I AM the Life- Transforming Power, radiating in every cell of my body, every part of my mind, and every situation in my life.”

Using these words is a call to the universe, to the healing power, to God, asking that the doors be opened to release pure and radiant energy into our life.

Transforming Negativities
When we put negativity after I AM, as in “I am sick,” or “I am a failure,” it creates great limitation. Instead you can affirm that you are the “I AM power”, and you are filled with enormous capacities for transformation.

Meditating with the I AM
If you’d like, you can sit down in a quiet place and pay attention to your breathing. You can then say to yourself “I” on the inbreath and “AM” on the outbreath. You can keep your focus as long as possible, continuing to bring yourself back to the “I AM” whenever you can.

All Paths are Built Upon I AM

  • All mystical revelations, all paths, are based upon the I AM.
  • God is often known as the I AM.
  • The Judeo-Christian as well as Eastern paths are all infused with the I AM power. Jesus said, “I AM the Light of the world.”

rumiRumi, great Sufi poet, wrote:

  • I am neither a Moslem nor a Hindu.
  • I am not Christian, Zoroastrian, nor Jew.
  • My place is the no-place.
  • My image is without face.
  • Neither of body nor the soul
  • I am of the Divine Whole’.


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