Eve Ensler says ‘Thank You’


vday23To all of our activists, regardless of how you rose THANK YOU for making 14 February 2013 the largest global action in history to end violence against women and girls!

eve-1brmsg1Together on 14 February, we expressed our outrage and joy and our firm global call for a world where women are free and safe and cherished and equal. One Billion Rising brought together coalitions of groups and individuals that have never worked together before and galvanized new supporters and associations and masses of men who were not previously engaged, but now see violence as their issue. It did all of this while putting violence against women to the center of the global discussion.

One Billion Rising has broken taboos, lifted the veil of silence, and inspired a radical outpouring of support to reveal the worldwide system of patriarchy, which sustains the violence. One Billion Rising has shown that violence against women is not a national, tribal, ethnic, or religious issue, but a global phenomenon, and that through this worldwide rising and support, survivors can be given the confidence of knowing that violence is not their fault.” – Eve Ensler

Today we celebrate these victories, and we hope you do to.


One Billion Rising was always conceived to be a catalyst and a wind rather than a new organization. So use it to fuel your next activities, you can: PLAN local actions for International Women’s Day (8 March).

STAGE a V-Day benefit in your community, WORK for political action in your community or country like the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) effort in the U.S.

SHARE your plans on our Facebook page explaining how you’re carrying the One Billion Rising energy forward in your community.


  1. Brought together people across movements and causes – mobilizing communities such as migrants, women in prison, domestic workers, urban poor, LGBTQI, farm workers, the disabled, and many more.
  2. Created the opportunity for councils of indigenous women to participate in global problem solving.
  3. Created global solidarity and strength cutting across borders, races, class, religions, sexual orientation, ages, genders. Reignited solidarity between women’s organizations in various countries. Rekindled the ethos of sisterhood amongst women on a global scale.
  4. Brought to the surface the intersection of issues both causing and affecting violence against women: patriarchy, poverty, corporate greed, environmental plunder, imperialist policies, religion, militarization, interventions of outside countries, immigration, labor export policies, nationalization of industries, political repression.
  5. Engaged masses on a deeper, more embodied level through dancing, poetry, singing, and art.
  6. Produced massive media exposure, discourse, and advocacy on violence against women issues. It also created or was the catalyst for the development of millions of women citizen social media journalists telling their own narratives by picking up cameras.
  7. Created solidarity and safe and free space, through our creativity and numbers, for violated women to tell their stories, many for the first time, and heal their trauma by dancing in public, communal open spaces.
  8. Inspired millions of men to stand and rise as our allies, deconstructing patriarchy alongside us.
  9. Galvanized and empowered legislators to generate legislation in support of ending violence against women and girls globally. Created an opportunity for globally linked women’s councils to lobby at all levels of government and UN.
  10. Increased funding and support for programs and education to end violence and women and girls.
  11. Made violence against women impossible to ignore and never to be marginalized again. Reminded the world that women united will never be defeated.
  12. Generated the best collection of worldwide dance videos ever!

READ the Press Release: V-Day’s ONE BILLION RISING is Biggest Global Action Ever To End Violence Against Women and Girls



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V-Day’s ONE BILLION RISING is Biggest Global Action Ever

 To End Violence Against Women and Girls

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