Elsa P – Change, Love Karma and Bouncing Back


elsa-PAll planets are direct again this week. The Steve Miller song “Fly Like An Eagle” comes to mind:

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future…”

Future is a big theme this week, with a new moon in Aquarius taking place on Sunday morning, just after midnight. The Sun and Moon are virtually unaspected, this energy is quite pure and should be of use to anyone who wants the effect in their life.

If you want ideas, check out the Transit Watch.

People liked that so here we go again, for Aquarius.

  • New Moon in the 1st house – Change your physical appearance, how you go out in the world.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Handle money in a new way. Experiment with self esteem.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house – Interact differently with neighbors of siblings – free speech!
  • New Moon in the 4th – Move the furniture around in your house. Paint a room or two.
  • New Moon in the 5th – Experiment creatively, break new ground.
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Change your daily routine. Volunteer. Change how you interact with work-mates.
  • New Moon in the 7th – Reinvent your relationships
  • New Moon in the 8th – Deal with your shadow. See death and loss in new ways. Detach from pathology, yours or theirs.
  • New Moon in the 9th – Learn something new. Take a class or talk to someone, no one expects you to.
  • New Moon in the 10th – Run the show in a new way.
  • New Moon in the 11th – Shock your friends, make friends with a weirdo.
  • New Moon in the 12th – Change your relationship with the ethereal.

The other thing that interests me this week is Venus squaring Saturn as Mars squares Jupiter. Venus with Saturn will see people meet their love karma and/or be very pressured to contain themselves. Some are going to hit a harsh wall of reality.

However, the Mars in Pisces / Jupiter in Gemini combination makes me think a person should be able to transcend and drive out of whatever ditch they land in, provided they’re willing to try. Basically, you’ve got to take the punch, if one comes your way, and then get on with it.

For more on this, check out  Are People More Resilient Than We Think?

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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