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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this awakened male, one man that has risen above his own circumstance of struggle; endured challenges with learning, rose above the inability to read.  

Inspired by one Woman – a teacher he describes the experience of her as –  “Knowing she believed in me made such a difference”.

This man is now guided to use his new found self awareness to help young people and adults realize their dreams.

Today, his mantra for all of our youth states:

“If you try hard enough, the change will come.”



carl foster

Carl Foster



Carl Foster, 41, struggled to learn to read and write at primary school. His poor literacy skills held him back throughout school and threatened to ruin his whole life. Carl’s journey to gain these vital skills was tough but he eventually learnt to read and established a successful career. He has now written a self-help book and runs inspirational workshops to help young people and adults realize their dreams.

Carl tells his story:

Most of my early life felt like a struggle. My home situation was very unstable due to a family breakdown and arguments at times. I often found it hard to sleep. Things were not much better at school. I spent most days half-asleep at school and could not focus or concentrate. What the teacher was saying did not feel important to me and somehow I missed the boat when the other kids were learning to read and write.

carlboyIn 1970s Hackney if you had learning difficulties it was easy to slip through the net. At secondary school I joined about 10 other kids in a special needs class and there didn’t seem to be much hope for us.

My literacy problems stole my hopes and dreams of success in life. My mother worried about me, about how I was going to survive in this world and live a normal life.

The turning-point came when my teacher, Miss Ball, encouraged me to take part in drama classes. Knowing she believed in me made such a difference. I went on to go to drama school for a number of years and even took part in the BBC television series Grange Hill.

Despite all my difficulties at school, I discovered that I was intelligent and articulate and I was good at observing and creating new ideas.

When I left school I decided to take action and I studied hard to improve my reading and writing. I challenged myself in many ways: taking on jobs I knew nothing about, learning new skills through trial and error and seeing a positive outcome in all circumstances. It wasn’t easy at first, but it made me stronger, more creative and more productive. I became a person that was never afraid to try something new from judo to modelling. I now work in the human resources team at Hackney council and recently I have even written a self-help book about my experiences.

My years of struggle taught me both how hard life is if you can’t read and write, and how easy it is for children to fall behind. By overcoming my difficulties and being patient and persistent I have achieved things I would never have thought possible such as writing my book SELFMADE. If you try hard enough, the change will come. Don’t live your life by fear of failure, live your life by the thought of winning.



Habitual ways our Habits:

Be the person you wan’t to be. Be self made.

carl foster building_a_positive_mind_2_0Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do, why do you get the results you get? Why is it that whatever you do the results are always the same. You give it your best and it always turns out the same. You may be in a situation where you know what your doing isn’t going to get you what you want but you do it anyway. You see things getting from bad to worse, but you continue none the less. Well that is the result of habits. Some call them Paradigms a multitude of habits (good or bad).

When you where a baby, your mind was wide open, allowing any thoughts and influences through to your subconscious mind. You would of had little or no control over your thoughts. If it was a positive environment then you would take in positive influences and if it was a negative environment then you would have taken in negative influences also. The negative influences is what you need to change as this is what’s holding you back and is most likely where your negative habits formed.

Your programmed to behave the way you do, by your habits.

Some of your behavior patterns are inherited and some of it is related to the environment you live in e.g. where you live and who you associate with e.g. family and friends and life’s circumstances. Your habitual ways control your behavior, your thoughts and thinking and the actions you take.

It controls your life.

At this point it doesn’t really matter what you know, because you will still take the same actions as your conscious mind is overridden by your habitual habits, empowered by your subconscious mind. However your habitual ways can be influenced and changed. You see your habitual ways where formed through repetition. Some habits originally formed during childhood.

selfmade_-_you_can_be_what_you_want_to_be.By doing the same things over and over again, they become habits and can be difficult for some to change. A lot of people will be aware that what they are doing is wrong or incorrect but they do it anyway.

They see the results in their lives going from bad to worse but they can’t shake the routine behavior. Because they’re being controlled by their habits. They want to do right and they know better but they just can’t do it. They can’t get past that routine. That circle of doing the same thing day in day out. It is like hypnosis.

However habits can be changed.

They can be changed by replacing them with new habits. You can replace the old habits with a new behavior pattern and through repetition those new habits will form. You will do things differently. This is not a walk in the park for some and can take time and effort to achieve. Some help may be required, but once achieved the benefits are rewarding and will change your life.

by Carl Foster

coverCarl is running motivational workshops to help adults and young people who are struggling with literacy.

He aims to share his experience to inspire them to take the first steps in achieving their dreams.

The workshop participants will also undertake exercises that will boost their confidence and help them to focus on their goals.

The workshops have been developed from the ideas in Carl’s book, SELFMADE [pdf].

Carl is based in Hackney and is happy to visit schools and colleges as an inspirational speaker or to deliver one of his workshops for students aged 14 and above.

“Riveting! Carl masterfully explores the psychology of change and offers practical solutions to facilitate change in the reader…this book is a ‘must read’ !”
– Robert Hamilton

“Read this life-enhancing book – it is possible to become happier and a more successful person.”
– Tabby Toussaint, editor of Between the Lines

If you are interested, please visit his website where you can find contact details.

CarlFosterC0Aside from being one of the most genuinely interesting and easy to talk to guys i have ever met.

Carl is a self made, self help guru.

Currently writing his own book on the subject, he nipped into the studio to have some promotional headhshots done.

I wish him the best of luck with the release of his book in the early part of next year. – Ed Dabney



|Nominated by WOMAN of ACTION™ – Camilla Stein


A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this power of example, a true change maker, into our Alumni celebrating men creating positive change in our world; and look forward to working together for the betterment of all our youth.

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Bravo Carl!



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