25 Ways to say “I Love You” this Valentines <3


luvuIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that some things are just inappropriate for a Valentine’s Day card.

Once you’ve eliminated the things likely to cause a scene, however, figuring out how you should sign your card can still present a challenge.

These are 25 of the ways you can sign a Valentine’s Day card without landing in hot water.

1. Honestly – First and foremost, it’s important to be honest in any missive. Let your significant other know just how important her presence in your life is, but avoid exaggeration that can start edging into untrue territory.

2. With a Well-Chosen Quote – Sometimes, a well-chosen quote can inspire your own inner author. Including a romantic quote along with your own message is sure to carry some favor on Valentine’s Day.

3. Using a Simple, Sincere Sentiment – It’s tempting to try your hand at belletristic, florid prose on Valentine’s Day, but doing this can cause more trouble than good. Rather than trying and failing at a melodramatic turn of phrase, shoot for something more simple and sincere.

4. With Phrases Appropriate to Your Relationship – If you’ve only been dating for a short time, some words are more appropriate than others. Make sure that your message is reflective of where your relationship actually stands.

5. Something Personal – It’s easy to throw an impersonal greeting above your name on a store-bought greeting card, but adding a message with a personal touch will let your significant other know that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

6. With Light Humor – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be romantic to the exclusion of all other moods; jokes just need to be appropriate in tone. Ribbing or poking fun, even good-natured teasing, isn’t the way to go, but a well-placed joke can bring a smile to your sweetie’s face.

7. Keep it Short and Sweet – There’s a lot of space on the left side of a card, but that doesn’t mean that you have to fill it with tiny, cramped print expressing every emotion you’ve ever felt. Let your lover know how much they mean to you, but don’t get carried away.

8. Without References to Negativity – If you had a spat a week ago that you’re still trying to overcome, your Valentine’s Day card is simply not the place to address it.

9. Using Proper Grammar – While you can write more in a shorter amount of time by using text-speak abbreviations, it’s just poor form to do so on a Valentine’s Day card. Use your words, and avoid those acronyms.

10. With More Than Just Your Name – You can just sign your name at the bottom of the pre-printed verse in your greeting card, but it’s highly impersonal. At least write a line or two of your own.

11. Without Any Smiley Faces – There is no reason to craft smiley faces out of punctuation on a handwritten card. None at all.

12. With a Message That Avoids Clichés – There’s plenty of “roses are red, violets are blue” notes floating around on Valentine’s Day. Break apart from the herd and write a message that doesn’t include clichés.

13. Include an Inside Joke or Reference – If you have a special joke that only the two of you understand or a reference that only makes sense to you both, include it in your message. It shows that you do pay attention, and that those things matter to you.


With Legible Handwriting – You can write the most perfect message in existence inside your beloved’s Valentine’s Day card, but she won’t be able to decipher it if your handwriting isn’t legible.

15. With Careful Use of the “L-Word” – Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the celebration of love, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to toss the word around carelessly in a new relationship.

16. With Forethought – Don’t just scrawl the first thing that comes to mind in a card before you seal it up for delivery; make an effort to include a well thought-out message that means something to both of you.

17. With Originality – It stands to reason that your lover is with you due to an abiding affection for you and the unique person you are, so let that individuality shine through in your card to her.

18. Keep it PG – No matter where the two of you are in the physical realm of your relationship, it’s neither polite nor particularly romantic to talk about it explicitly in a Valentine’s Day card.

19. Keep Your Promises Realistic – You may want to promise your lover all of the tea in China or all of the stars in the sky, but you know that those things aren’t possible. Rather than coming across like a silver-tongued charmer that will say anything to get a response, make realistic promises that you actually intend to keep.

20. With Sweet, Chaste Messages – As an extension of avoiding explicit language, try to save the hot-and-heavy talk for a more appropriate time altogether.

21. Use Pet Names – If your lover has a pet name for you or vice versa, use them on the card. It’s one of the most personal touches you can add, and one that will tug at the heartstrings.

22. Be Specific – A general declaration of fondness is great, but a specific reference to a thing that you love most hits it out of the park.

23. With Enthusiasm – A message that was written under duress will read that way later. Don’t approach your message as you would a root canal; be enthusiastic about your Valentine!

24. Use Words That Resound With You – In the end, the most genuine words are those that resound with you. A generic poem of oft-used quotes can get the point across, but nowhere near as well as your own words will.

25. Speak From the Heart – On Valentine’s Day, your lover just wants to know how you feel. Speak from the heart, even if the words are simple and they don’t adhere to a single rule. Write what you feel needs to be written.

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