VERONICA – Spiritual Messages, ‘To Safely Guard The Beauty of Your Relationship …’


comingle energyTo Safely Guard The Beauty of a Relationship…

“Connection in physical reality is a beautiful endeavor. A relationship experienced within the boundaries of the solid environment is like no other. Many seek endlessly the opportunity to connect, while others seek to maintain it.

In our observation, we find that the ability to stay connected is more difficult than finding it.

How then, does one nurture a good connection in the physical environment?

It is important to realize that it is the exchange of energy that tops the list.

Communication leads the way to safely guard the beauty of a relationship.

In a world where listening and talking can become a competition of who speaks the loudest, the idea of listening with awareness may be neglected.

Two energies must be willing to actually listen to each other. By this we also speak, that an exchanging in the confines of listening means being still for a moment to allow the other energy to actually mingle with yours.

In doing so, there is opportunity to examine not only the words, but the emotion and intensity that accompanies them.

Right-or-wrongAn instant retort or reply is not always necessary in a conversation. Engaging in such tactics disables the ability to process the information with awareness.

Being aware is the ability to truly hear and process TWO versions of any conversation or conflict.

So slow down. Eliminate the competitive environment of who is ‘right or wrong’.

If you seek solution, be aware and listen. Compromise is available by processing what you listen to, and that needs to be accomplished with awareness.

If there is value in the relationship, it is worth listening to the voices within it.

Listen with awareness.”



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