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Forgive and Release

Young child with baggage on the tropical beach

“Often through life there is a tendency to carry the vibrational baggage of past moments. It is the intention to go through the baggage to remove things no longer necessary to the journey. However, this often is not the case.

Past indiscretions, arguments, decisions, etc., can often fill your perspective so fully that it becomes difficult to be in the present moment.

Being in a physical life was meant to have movement. Standing still amongst the debris of the past is not using the opportunity to its fullest.

No one has had a completely drama free existence. It is condition of the linear to create opportunity through the dramas. The important aspect is to process the moment, and forgive and release the negative remnants.

While sometimes it may abe easier to forgive others, it is most difficult to forgive yourself.

Perhaps today, take a few moments to examine that huge trunk of undesirable moments and leave them behind once and for all.

To truly learn your life lessons, you also have to be willing to let go of your opinions. Nothing is served by stubbornly clinging to a negative perspective. Decide to embrace, forgive, and release.

Making progress in your evolution also means deciding you are worth your own redemption.

letting to of negative vibrationThe self is always the hardest, but ultimately the most fulfilling to redeem.

Leave the baggage behind… today… this moment.

Nothing is there that is needed.

Your vision of yourself will improve, thus making the journey easier.


It is all about the journey.

Keep moving. There is so much more to experience.”



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