The Numerologist celebrates True Wealth Power in 2013


True Wealth Power in 2013

true wealth 2013

Yesterday, the Numerologist community discovered a liberating truth about their wealth in 2013:

>>> They realized they don’t have to dread getting bills in the mail.

They don’t need to endure sleepless nights worrying about the economy, the government, the banks or their mortgages.

And with a few tiny tweaks to their lives, they can start attracting wealth like cats to sardines not in 10 years, not in 10 months, but right NOW.

(Hint: it’s all about knowing your numbers.)

You don’t have to be a penny pincher either.

Take a 6-minute break, watch my brand new video, and learn a head-slappingly simple trick for switching on your True Wealth Power in 2013.

Highlights include:

0.46: The single most searingly urgent number you MUST know for 2013

2.42: How your ‘vibrational signature’ could be responsible for your trickiest financial challenges

4.15: The one thing all good Numerologists do before making ANY financial decision

4.54: Feeling a little ‘out of it’ in your wealth power? How to instantly realign yourself with abundance.

>>> Watch it now.

Many blessings,

Dawn & The Team

P.S. This video got a massive 9,480 views and 120 Facebook comments in barely 24 hours.

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