Expert Group calls on Tunisia to strengthen Women’s Rights


Expert Group calls on Tunisia to strengthen women’s rights

Kamala Chandrakirana

kamalachandrasmallThe Working Group on Discrimination against Women has called on Tunisia to adopt stronger measures in its draft constitution to combat gender inequality and discrimination. The Group has just completed a five day visit to the country where two years ago, civil resistance led to the fall of longtime President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the subsequent holding of democratic elections. The head of the Working Group, Kamala Chandrakirana, tells UN Radio’s Alpha Diallo that while the Group was impressed by women’s participation, it is still concerned about the fear expressed by some women that their rights were eroding.
In Zimbabwe, goldmining is Rosemary Marimo’s business!

Rosemary Marimo supervising workers

rosemarysmallRosemary Marimo is a woman with purpose. She began prospecting for gold in Musowe, Zimbabwe with her husband 20 years ago. Now 60 years old and a widow, she has been running the business alone. Mary Ferreira of UN Television first met Rosemary when she visited Zimbabwe to produce a feature on gender equality and women’s empowerment for UNTV. She tells Rosemary’s story.
Earthquake + 3:In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, Haitian women focus on keeping families safe

Mother and child in Haiti

haiti2smallIn the three years since Haiti’s devastating earthquake, women still struggle to keep their families safe, fed and healthy. Over 360,000 Haitians are still in tent cities, or living in damaged homes.

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Production Assistant: Sandra Guy
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Righting the Balance: Putting social justice first

juansomavia‘Women and men without jobs or livelihoods really don’t care if their economies grow at 3, 5 or 10 per cent a year, if such growth leaves them behind and without protection.

They do care whether their leaders and their societies promote policies to provide jobs and justice, bread and dignity, and freedom to voice their needs, their hopes and their dreams…’
-Juan Somavia

Type: Book
Date issued: 18 February 2013
Reference: 978-92-2-126395-1[ISBN]
Authors: Juan Somavia
Format available: 100 pp.
Prices: For hard (printed) copies: CHF 25; USD 28; GBP 19; EUR 20
Support medium: Paperback
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Juan Somavia, Director-General of the ILO, steps down in September 2012 after 13 years in office. This book encapsulates his thinking and the ILO’s major policy positions in response to the global jobs crisis. The messages are consistent over the whole of his mandate and so pre-date and in many ways predict the dire situation facing workers around the world.

However, the thrust of the book is forward looking, not backward. Mr Somavia focuses on the current crisis, its resolution and how to build from it, adding a strong new voice to the debate on how to move forward. His central message is that the current financially-driven economic model is failing people, and he proposes a new global model that rights today’s imbalances by adding a social pillar to global governance structures.

This engaging book is essential reading for leaders and decision-makers as well as the general public.

Gender Equality and Decent Work: Selected ILO Conventions and Recommendations that promote gender equality as of 2012

wcms_191588This guide provides the text of some of the key Conventions for promoting gender equality in the world of work

Type: Book
Date issued: 17 October 2012
Reference: 978-92-2-125534-5[ILO_THUMB]
Authors: Bureau for Gender Equality
Format available: 210 pp.
Prices: For hard (printed) copies: CHF 28; USD 30; GBP 18; EUR 23
Support medium: Paperback
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