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After being diagnosed with cancer, this powerful soul has searched endlessly for a path of survival.

Celebrate with us here today that she is now here to help the women of our world!




Doris Parreno

Helping Hands – Helping People Cope with Cancer – Raising funds for treatment


Cancer_tattoo_421After having some cramping in my stomach, having a little blood come from my nose on a regular basis and feeling pretty tired on a daily basis where I felt like a needed a nap and sometimes the nap lasted a couple of hours, I decided to go to doctor for a routine physical.

BREAST CANCER INFLAMMATORYI did mammogram and in November, 2011 was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Triple Positive, Estrogen Positive, High Grade, DCIS, Invasive, Aggressive Carcinoma.

I was sure there had been a mistake because I was always relatively healthy, never smoked or drank and never thought I would get cancer.

After several opinions, it was not a mistake and I was prescribed a very heavy treatment which included Lumpectomy, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Herceptin and Tamoxifen for 5 years. I did get the lumpectomy. The rest of the treatment was all so very scary considering it was referred to it as “preventive treatment”.

I knew that treatment was going to knock me out, potentially kill me or cause more problems in my body and immune system. I figured if this is what I need to do then I may just have to do it.

Before my scheduled chemo date, I did a lot of research as to various options but was hesitant to try anything else because I figured the hospitals know best.

treatment_approaches_frame_15In the process of my research, I heard Suzanne Somers talk about ‘chemo sensitivity test’. I thought it made sense if I have to do chemo I better do that test. I did the test and the discovered that the chemo that was going to be given had a very high chance of not working. I have seen friends go through ‘chemo’ that did not work; and it could have been recipe for disaster. So, I asked oncologist if I could have the chemo that was going to work based on the chemo sensitivity test. She told me that they do not customize treatment for patients and what I was offered is what I would have to take. I was petrified at my potential future. The test also offered alternative therapies that were non toxic and seemed to work for the circulating tumor cells that I had.

I didn’t have choice but to go the alternative route. As soon as I started to follow that route I started to get better. In 1 month my area of inflammation went down 75% and my numbers improved; so it was working and didn’t have to compromise my immune system. I now also had a lot more energy. I went on intense program to fight the battle with cancer on intense IV therapy, supplements, needles, German acupuncture, Gerson Therapy and essential oils.

“I did everything it would take to get better.

It was not easy and a full time job, I just had to drop everything when death is staring me in the eyes.”

cancer natural alternativesOne year after my diagnosis, I can say that I am on my way to full healing. This has been a very costly and self-sacrificing journey, but one worth it for the quality of life I was able to carry on, with no toxic side effects. This path has now consumed most of my savings but there is no price on life. It is a cure that is available, but it is not covered by insurance or O.H.I.P. I wish it was because it could save so many lives, like I have seen saved.

I have told others about this of whom their lives were saved because of this type of treatment. Unfortunately, we are all mortgaging our homes, racking up credit cards and lines of credits, because when it comes to saving your life we just do what it takes.

I am reaching out to my friends and family to raise funds to finish off my treatment which is approximately 8 months longer will cost me an extra $50,000 and I am also offering this as an avenue for other people going through the same experience.


“I did anything and everything to save my life and spent thousands….if I look back and picked the best of the best minimizing expense.This is not about research anymore; this is about an actual cure that is saving lives, that without this type of treatment more people will die. In summary, I hope to continue researching cheaper, easier and more effective treatments as I continue my journey.”

My Protocol

I can share my 7 Step Program with others:

  1. Get thermograph (at right place – to see where I was at and to monitor progress) (Dr. Zoya Voitenko is great source for this.)
  2. Get circulating tumor cell test and nk test and protols that would best treat those CTC’s and to monitor progress of treatments
  3. Get PH Strips to monitor Acidity/alkaline levels in body (at health food store costs approx. $15)
  4. Get extensive blood work done to identify exactly where you are at
  5. Take care of dental issues and have silver fillings removed by IOAMT approved dentist….I did it at a place but it is important to deal with any bacterial issues in mouth…this looks like a good place…I will go here for more in depth analysis of dental issues just to make sure this is properly taken care of..(watch this youtube video below for more information)
  6. Get on Gerson therapy diet, enemas and supplements
  7. Use essential oils and non toxic products

To register for young living products my member number for reference is 1264691.

You can order online or by phone and become a distributor so you can get the bonus products and discount. You can also register and order via telephone at 1-800-371-3515 , via fax at 866-203-5666, via email at [email protected], or via our Live Help feature at

  • German accupunture (optional)
  • Parasite cleansing and Organ cleansing and detoxing
  • Get health coach- Terry Tillart is fantastic

Please help me raise the money that I need to finish this treatment, bring awareness to others and save more lives.

Come to my fundraiser is being held on January 26, 2013 at The Venetian Banquet Hall, located at 219 Romina Drive in Vaughan.

Tickets are being sold for $100 which includes a fabulous dinner, live entertainment, a silent auction, a 50/50 draw and raffles. What more can you ask for?!?

This is a formal event with “A Splash Of Pink” as the theme.

venetian splash of pink

Let’s come together and help me raise the money that I need to finish this treatment and bring awareness to others and save more lives. Your attendance to her fundraiser would be amazing, however, if you cannot attend the event, please donate online right here:

Night of Support Gala
Helping Loved Ones Deal With Breast Cancer
The Venetian Banquet Hall
Saturday, January 26, 2013
Cost – $100
Concord — On Saturday, January 26, 2013


Press Release (1)


Doris Parreno will be hosting the fundraiser for treatment at The Venetian Banquet Hall located at 216 Romina Dr. Concord, ON.(Jane north of Hwy 7) Your attendance will mean a lot and help support loved ones dealing with breast cancer. Tickets are $100. Doors open for a pre-show reception at 6:30 PM with great 5 course meal and deluxe bar and entertainment provided by Onofrio Virdo — classical guitar player, Vince Benenati — Canadian Idol contestant and fun dance music by the Digital Group, Silent Auction, 50/50 draws, raffles and give aways….


  • WHO: Helping Hands–Night of Support Gala — Helping Loved Ones Deal with Breast Cancer
  • WHAT: Fundraising Gala showcasing great talents of the most sought after performers in Toronto and abroad!
  • WHEN: Saturday, January 26, 2013
  • WHERE: The Venetian Banquet Hall 216 Romina Drive. Concord, ON L4K 4V3 MAP 905-660-1110
  • WHY: To raise much needed funds for breast cancer treatments.

We invite you to cover this event. For more information please contact Doris – 416-885-0888 or email [email protected]

Night of Support – helping loved ones living with cancer



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I’m not the first person with cancer. Maybe my story will inspire others in a similar situation to look for a better solution.”



A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this woman of faith, hope, humility, strength and perseverance into our Alumni with open arms.






Brava Doris!




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