Confucius said, “Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”



Confucius said,

“Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


  • What is Your Dream Job?
  • What type of job do you dream about?

dream-jobSome of us know from the time we are very young what we want to do when we grow up. Others are still trying to figure that out. Still others have tried a career or two, then went on to do something completely different with their lives.

The days of working for the same company for a lifetime are long gone and in some industries having one job for a significant period of time is frowned upon rather than considered an asset.

So, it’s quite acceptable in today’s workplace to consider a variety of career options.

One question to you is this, “How do you turn your current job into your dream job?”

I ask this question because I am about to accept a position that is not exactly my dream job but is a stepping stone towards what I really want to do for a career. At an interview the other day (my third interview) the employer told me that after my first task, they are looking at my educational expertise to provide that service to the entire company since they currently do not have anyone in that role. I would like to perform that position more so than the one in which I am applying.

The ‘dilemma’ that I am currently facing is that I have interviewed (and I know I am in the running) for two positions. One of the positions I want much more than the other. However, there is another candidate with a totally opposite skill set that has performed the role of Director of Sales and Marketing in the past for a competitive company that is also being considered for the job. The recruiter has no idea which way the employer will go with his decision.

This brings me to my second question: “So do I accept the less desirable position?”

I won’t know until May about the job that I really want and even then it could drag out longer or the employer could choose the other candidate and then where will I be in my job search….uh….nowhere!

And last but not least, my third and two-part question: “How ethical is it for me to take the job behind Door #2; when I have a 50/50 chance of being offered the job behind door #1?”

My justification is that people do it all the time.

I currently sit with no full-time job opportunities but these two and this economy is difficult right now.

  1. If I don’t accept it and I am never offered the other, then I have no job.
  2. If I do accept it, and then get offered the other, then I feel that I have been deceptive in my portrayed interest of my pursuit when I give my notice.
  3. If I do accept it, and I am not offered the other job then at least I will have a job.


That leads to:

So, I ask again,

“How do you turn your current job into your dream job?”

Thanks to Monique


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