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When Making Choices

Cupid-Fairy-Wallpaper“To move through a linear life takes a great deal of focus. There is not one among you that has accomplished it without error.

It is important at this time to step back from that focus to see the eternal picture. Often it offers explanation of why something in the current moment is out of sync with your energy.

Living is more than just the immediate moment. Lessons learned and failed are involved in an intricate process that your soul devised as a method of evolvement.

When making choices it is indeed prudent to think clearly as your thoughts create reality. We merely advise to make time to see the totality of your energy as it makes its progress.

Inexplicable dramas that do not present conclusion can be defined by the wider viewpoint. Instead of slowing your progress by something that doesn’t make sense when it stands alone, attempt to look at the entire participation.

Often it will offer the individual great comfort.

Always remember the magnificence of your soul’s progress. The current life is but a chapter in the book of you. Decide to be open to all possibilities, including the eternal.

The idea of heaven is the accomplishment of a series of lives. Errors made, decisions delayed, negative dramas, joyous reunions are part of the whole process.

Be more eternal in your focus. It will help.”



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