Irene goes the distance for her clients, virtually!

Leading Forward

in the

Face of Crisis 

Leading in the face of crisis means building your 3Q Leadership™ Edge

HOW? Shift your mindset
Seeing your strengths and challenges, stressors and turning points, even your most difficult transitions or crises with new eyes that help YOU build your most important advantage, your 3Q Edge™. Yes, learning and unlearning faster and better than before. Making a pivotal shift in mindset that will help you learn and unlearn faster, develop improved whole brain thinking and embrace a new solution focused philosophy is critical to the reach, resonance and results you seek to achieve. “ Leaders are made rather than born.” Warren Bennis

WHY? We must distrupt/change what no longer works. Innovation-Actualization-Optimization of Potential is Key
Go ahead and disrupt/change/transform what no longer works. Leadership demands strong Q skills. Our unsurpassed access to knowledge, information, technology and training alone cannot help us actualize and sustain greater leadership. Leadership means inspiring, motivating and leading the best in ourselves and others by using our strengths and challenges to build Q1: Whole Brain Thinking-Enhanced Creativity & Focus -IQ Q2-Empathy-Communication-Collaboration-EQ Q3-The courage, purpose and faith that drives our ability to serve the greatest good. SQ Helping clients build 3Q Leadership™ is what my work is all aboutInnovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

WHEN? NOW because the challenges you face will increase. Using them to lead forward is critical
Now, because leaders are innovators and pioneers who are ready to develop the 3Q™ strengths that drive passion, purpose, potential and leadership in the face of changes, challenges, stressors and crises. Developing our Q strengths is what leading well in the face of crisis is all about.The real source of wealth and capital in this new era is not material things; it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination, and our faith in the future.” Steve Forbes


Irene goes the distance for her clients face to face and/or virtually!

The time to build 3Q Leadership™ is NOW. Whether you want to develop stronger leadership, improved teams or communication that drives results, your ability to optimize, humanize and monetize is critical.

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First woman CEO of a steel company in Canada, Irene Becker has a track record of trailblazing accomplishments in business and in the community at large.

An insightful and inspiring executive coach, mentor, speaker and writer, Irene helps clients achieve breakthrough results in their communication, leadership and lives. Passionate about the integrity of her work and its ability to help changemakers LEAD change, Irene helps smart people and organizations develop 3Q Leadership™ and effective verbal, written and social communication that builds reach, resonance and results at the speed of change.

Contact Irene:  [email protected]

Twitter @justcoachit

Tel:             (1) 416-671-4726

Skype: beckerirene


Irene goes the distance for her clients face to face and/or virtually!



I can attest to Irene’s knowledge and her ability to present on matters of change management and in collaboration with partners towards success in skills training and execution. She is a ready participant and an active listener, able to reach out to a group or individual as she demonstrates the value of her skill as a leader, a mentor and a coach. Not only able to lead a group or session with you in mind, she also instills the leadership capabilities that allow you to take the next step, to move forward,to succeed. Thanks, Irene.”
Jerry Sheremata, Category Manager, Royal Bank of Canada Procurement, Toronto, Canada

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