GLOBAL Guided MEDITATION Live – December 21, 21:21pm (9:21pm) EST


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Live – December 21, 21:21pm (9:21pm) EST


While working with shamans focused on raising global consciousness I was guided to run a meditation process on December 21st 2012 to assist people to capitalize on the extremely high energy available during the current Galactic Alignment.

MONIKA JULY NEWSI was told that the meditation would be given to me in the right time, and I recently received the powerful download having a tough time keeping up and writing it all down.

This meditation will help expand your conscious awareness of the unity of all things and the infinite power of your unconditional state of being. Your participation will help to extend the duration of this high energy opportunity to shift the Global Consciousness, making it accessible to more and more people.

Join us Live at 9:21 pm EST, playback the recording at your convenience, or download the MP3.

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Some of the other personal benefits include:

  • Aligning you with your personal power
  • Expanding your energy field
  • Opening and expanding your heart center
  • Connecting you with higher consciousness
  • Awakening the giant within you
  • Healing your past and future
  • Putting you in a state of unconditional love
  • Aligning you with the infinite field within and around you

I am very much looking forward to this exciting opportunity for transformation and I hope you will join me.


Global Awakening Institute


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