Camille Brockman – The Online Criminal Justice Degree Project

Camille Brockman – The Online Criminal Justice Degree Project

The Online Criminal Justice Degree Project seeks to provide a comprehensive look at the criminal justice system. Those who are currently in the field in any capacity, as well as those looking to pursue studies in this area will find the collection of articles and media to be insightful and beneficial. The system itself is not built on all absolutes, rather there are conditions, interpretations, and personal judgement calls. There is always room for constant personal growth and intellectual challenges, our aim is to provide that through The Online Criminal Justice Degree Project.

All You Need to Know About Criminal Justice Degrees!

Earning a criminal justice degree is becoming more and more popular for students with a sharp eye on future careers. The criminal justice field is growing and evolving constantly, adapting to new laws and the international threat of terrorism. Those with interests in law, law enforcement, political science, terrorism, immigration, or drug regulation often choose to study criminal justice in order to jumpstart or advance their careers.

Criminal justice degrees are available at all levels. Available degrees will vary depending on which school a student selects, but may include:
• Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
• Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
• Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
• Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
• PhD in Criminal Justice

These various degree levels will provide different employment opportunities and specialization options, so students should weigh their options and goals carefully before selecting a program.

Who should earn a criminal justice degree?

Criminal justice is a broad field that encompasses several disciplines. As such, programs leading to criminal justice degrees attract individuals from many careers and interests. Those who pursue a top criminal justice degree may have experience in fields such as:

• Law Enforcement
• Legal
• Military
• Rehabilitation
• Politics

Many criminal justice students are young, first-time students with no related experience, while some, especially those pursuing advanced degrees, have many years of experience that they wish to channel into personal research projects.

What should you expect in a criminal justice degree program?

Criminal justice degree programs will vary significantly depending on the school and education level. Some advanced programs will emphasize personal research over classroom experience, and students will be expected to complete in-depth projects in order to complete their degree. Advanced students will generally also focus on developing an expertise in a specific area, where as those earning associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees will take a wider range of classes. These courses may include:

• Criminology
Not surprisingly, the theories behind criminology are the fundamental basics that most criminal justice students will begin their education with. Criminology focuses on the psychology behind criminal behavior, as well as the outside factors that lead criminals to commit crimes and the societal reaction to various crimes.

• Criminal Court Systems
Students are generally required to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the United States criminal court system, no matter what specialization they may be interested in. These courses will also include a study of the constitution in relation to the criminal court system.

• Juvenile Criminal Justice
There are many legal and ethical particulars unique to juvenile criminal justice, which is one of the most popular specialization options at nearly all schools. These programs tend to focus more on rehabilitation efforts than punishment.

• Criminal Justice Administration
This course will discuss the administrative technicalities associated with running criminal justice organizations, including managing financial resources and assessing the effectiveness of crime prevention and criminal rehabilitation programs. Students may also study legal requirements of criminal justice.

• Criminal Organizations
Once a very popular specialization option, a course in organized crime is often offered by universities for students interested in studying major terrorist groups, both domestic and international. Students will learn the history of organized crime groups and understand the typical hierarchy.

Most schools will encourage students to participate in internship programs while enrolled in schools. Students often work with counseling professionals in criminal rehabilitation centers or prisons. Depending on where they attend school, other students may find opportunities with government agencies.

What should you do with a criminal justice degree?

A criminal justice degree can open the door to many careers, and will often set candidates apart when working toward career advancement. Some careers a graduate of a criminal justice degree program may pursue are:
• Police Officer
• Security Guard
• Secret Service Officer
• Paralegal
• Lawyer
• Military Officer
• Rehabilitation Officer
• Politician
• Social Worker
• Federal Agent
• Detective
• Corrections Officer
• Counselor

Some students choose to pursue further education after completing their criminal justice degrees, often by attending law school or earning ad advanced degree in criminal justice. Many others commit to specialized training in law enforcement or the armed forces. Either way, a criminal justice degree can often prove a viable investment, leading to steady employment and comfortable salaries.

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