VERONICA – Spiritual Messages, ‘If You Desire Change’

If You Desire Change

(Giving and Receiving)

“Everything that creates reality is based on an ‘ebb and flow’ of energy.

If one were to look upon the smallest molecule of life, one would see this exchange taking place.

It stands to reason if you are interested in conscious creating of reality, that this would be the formula to go about it.

We have talked to many who wish to create abundance of some sort in their personal reality.

  • To do this, one needs to be able to give energy abundantly as well.
  • To hope for a windfall of opportunity, one needs to remain aware of their own situations.
  • To receive anything one needs to be committed to the awareness of their own giving. Otherwise, an unbalance is created and the process becomes stagnant.

If you desire change in a certain process, be the change that jump starts it. Decide that if something is not working, be the energy that says we need to do something different. In linear reality, the repetition of energy often gives off a sense of well being.

Actually, more movement and change is better, often resulting in more favorable environments to receive.

Be constantly aware of your energy.

If you are desiring a certain outcome, look to yourself first to see what you are not giving. Remove the block and redetermine your ability to give energy. It just might allow the balance of energy to return so that you can receive.

Ebb and Flow …

Ebb and Flow …

It is the basis of creating reality.”


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