The 3Q Edge™, Power Hour and 90 Minute Quick Step Services

Power Hour and 90 Minute Quick Step Services

Deployed one to one | face to face, by telephone, skype or video conferencing

1 Hour Stressbuster or Coach the Coach Session
De-stress, re-focus, repurpose and re-power confidentially, in a one hour session at our offices, your office, by telephone, skype-video conferencing; or hone your coaching skills and improve results around an immediate challenge
1 hr or 90 minute Communication Strategy Session or
90 minute/ Presentation Skills-Speech Development Session
Drive better results around a challenging people-centric business, leadership or communication issue; or optimize speech/presentation skills for maximum impact
90 Minute State of the Art Assessments – Debriefs – Action Plans
State of the art assessments, debriefs and action plans around: Emotional intelligence, personality & behaviour, communication (listening skills), management, leadership, career aptitudes and time effectiveness


Four Powerful Fast Track Coaching or Training Programs

Deployed with one to one/one to group or service in three 2 hour sessions

Career Boost for Successful Career Transition
Learn the new rules of career transition success. Develop YOUR personal brand, get a resume or executive bio that puts YOU ahead of the crowd and hone those critical interviewing skills. Move your career forward faster.

Fast Track Coaching or Training Programs, Continued…

Improve Communication & Influence
(Available for verbal communication, written communication and social media/digital communication) Develop the communication and influence that drives engagement, empowerment and success. Get a new understanding of your strengths, while learning to — USE/transform challenges into a catalyst for improved communication, influence and results. Become a masterful communicator.

Build YOUR 21st Century Leadership Edge
Learn about 3 critical Q strengths and how you can use them to LEAD forward at the speed of change. Develop a critical leadership skill R-E-A-C-H>>Your ability to redirect focus, empower confidence, actualize potential, communicate effectively and harvest results. Lead forward. Make the impossible possible by using YOUR strengths and challenges to inspire, engage and LEAD the best in yourself and others.

Successful Life Transition
Discover the power of a safe place, a confidential place to recharge, refocus and repurpose. Develop a whole NEW relationship with changes, challenges, even crises that helps you tap into YOUR true power and potential. Move forward with an action plan that drives results.

Five Customized Coaching or Group Coaching Programs

(8-12 sessions one to one/one to group face to face, by telephone, skype or video conferencing)

●The 3Q™ Leader A customized program for executives, senior managers and solo/entrepreneurs who want to actualize, humanize and monetize talent in high stress, high change environments.

●3Q™ Communication for Greater Engagement and Influence A customized program for executives, senior managers and solo/entrepreneurs who want to develop their communication and collaboration edge.

●The Leader as Coach A customized program for executives, senior managers who want to enhance their 3Q™ coaching skills and repertoire of coaching techniques. Contact us to learn more about the benefits, development and deployment of this program.

●Career Boost A customized program to help you or members of our team move forward faster, better and happier with a strong personal brand, new resume/marketing materials and enhanced interviewing and job search skills.

●Begin Again Now A customized, inspiring and insightful Q™ focused program for clients facing a difficult career, leadership or life transition. Take back your self confidence, start using strengths and challenges as a powerful catalyst for your best self, best work and best life.

Made to Measure Executive Coaching Programs, Training Programs and Consulting Upon Request: 21st Century Leadership, Agile Management, Communication (verbal, written, social media), Communicating with Difficult People, Situations or Diverse Groups, Successful Career Transition, Change Management Skills, Life and Leadership Purpose and Vision, Coach the Coach (Mentor Coaching), The Manager as Coach, The Leader as Coach, Coaching Your Team to Success

State of the Art Assessments-Debriefs and Action Plans: Leadership, Communication, Career Strengths, Personality/Behaviour, EQ-EI, Stress, Resiliency

Seven Inspiring Customized Keynotes or Webinars

or a Made to Measure Presentation for Your Organization

Managing at the Speed of Change
Learn about the Q skills that are important to management excellence, individual and organizational success. Get some insightful Q-Tips to help you kick-start results.

Re-charge, Re-focus, Re-purpose, Re-power!
Do not stay stuck in overdrive, over-frustration or stasis; develop the mindset and tools that drive peak performance, resiliency, tenacity, optimism, effectiveness, and leadership.

Emotionally Intelligent Communication for Greater Influence
Learn to become an active listener and talk without using communication sabotaging habits. Build communication skills that lessen conflict, increase rapport, and help YOU develop greater cooperation, collaboration and buy-in with difficult people situations.

A Strategic Approach to Career Success & Transition
Develop new insights, strategies and tactics that help you optimize and monetize YOUR talent at the speed of change, in the face of multiple challenges, even difficult career/life transitions.

Leading during Times of Crisis
An insightful 3Q™ approach to enhanced communication, accountability, delegation, motivating others, accountability, coaching others, failing forward and the development of the right mindset for collaborative leadership and growth.

Leading Leaders-Achieving Results through Others-The Leader as Coach
Help YOUR team develop the Q skills™ that drive improved communication and create the right environment for collaboration, engagement and growth.

The Other Side of the Mountain
Learn how Irene used her Q skills to survive and thrive incredible challenges; and, how YOU can — USE your Q power to engage your best in the face of life, career or leadership challenges, changes, even crises.
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