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The Expiration of Time

It is said that nature will fill a void. All nature happens in time. Nature happens in a level of time that 3D science does not use or understand, yet it does attempt to define what nature is for. A reasonable question would be; how can you possibly offer a reasonable explanation or give meaning to something if you cannot even relate to it in the same time frame?The gap that separates 3D science and 4D science is intellectual belief. What is intellectually believed in 3D science does not apply to 4D science. For instance, in 3D it is against the law to murder people. Try to tell a shark or a crocodile that it is against the law to kill a person and see what happens. The laws that separate 3D science and 4D science is called intuition.

4D science is above the 3D science, yet we do not doubt 3D science, or believe there is a greater interpretation that then one that 3D science has provided. What appears to be 3D scientifically factual is actually missing an element of truth, which would fill in the blank or the empty space that nature would fill if given the opportunity. Instead, physical science and physical laws have filled, in or passed over the empty space, without consideration of the value that 4D science has to offer.

A little investment in an empty space in the value of time defined as Now would give 3D science an opportunity to fill in the void with intuitive information that would naturally end war, disease, drought, starvation, intolerance, hate, prejudice, and every problem our world has never been able to solve. Einstein understood this. He shared the Law of Relativity with the rest of the world and changed how the scientific community viewed the whole Universe. He tuned into the intuitive value of 4D science by learning to use his consciousness outside of the 3D world. This value is defined as Now, or the only aspect of time that is real.

Our 3D world is running out of the time defined as Now, and because Now is the only aspect of time that is real, we are running out of reality because 3D science is exploring science that does not include 4D intuition. Instead, science is using Now intuitive living emotional value, without considering emotional integrity, and applying it to the past, where it is destructive. This can be observed in nuclear plants. The Universal property that defines nuclear energy demands emotional intuitive integrity so it is not destructive to the dimension that is exploring its value.

The shutting down of 3D intellectual science can be observed in nature, as the Earth has begun evolving to rid itself of an intellectual world that does not honor its natural intuitive ability. Too much time has been wasted exploring the past to figure out Because Now is the only application of time that is real the past is not where reality can be found, and it cannot be fixed. Only intuitive science offers perspective into the Universe, as only intuitive science can explain what is going on right Now.

In the Universe, consciousness defines dimensional emotional integrity. It is this integrity that defines what a dimension is for. The dimension is intuitively guided by Universal Laws, which protect the whole dimension. The higher the dimension, the greater is the intuitive value that fills it.

All dimensional property, or intuitive value, is dependent on the peace that comes from the consciousness that fills the dimension. All 3rd dimensional intuition is conflicted because it perceives intellectual value as being greater than intuitive value. This has caused intuitive emotional bankruptcy in our world. Because 3D relies on intellectual value to redefine intuitive value into material value, the material value we hold so dear has is merely reflecting the real problem.

The confusion of natural intuition with intellectual intuitive material value is causing all kinds of physical problems. People are so confused about what real intuitive value is, it has become increasingly more difficult to complete a task without the material value that the intellect has attempted to substitute natural intuitive value with.

The reliance on material intellectual value now overrides emotional integrity. The laws that define our world constantly violate emotional integrity to protect material value. All emotional value has been corrupted by what is believed is morally supportive of the body, money, and material value. Thus, we have left out the natural ability defined by the natural intuitive ability in the 4th dimension to stabilize a global economy in the Now. Instead, we are attempting to fix the past, which 3D has assigned the value of time to, so material value is protected. We live in an emotional sea of intellectual ideas that do not understand the real problem.

The intuitive lessons we relied on to define a global society are being ignored. They are being replaced with the artificial intelligence in technology. The artificial intelligence being used to solve global problems are sending a signal out that 4th dimensional intuitional value is no longer necessary. Thus, time is collapsing, just as the Mayan Calendar foretold. The value in nature is being used for only the material value it offers. Thus, the real 4th dimensional value offered through time is lost on a world that has no time for it. For this reason, time as we know it is about to expire.

Cheril Goodrich , 2012


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