April Crawford’s “Inner Whispers” Volume III launches Today!

Official Release of April’s New Book!!!

There are THREE free thank you bonus gifts that include a Brand New VERY Limited Edition 135 page E-Book with Never Before Published Material from VERONICA, April Crawford herself, and Two Other Highly Evolved Entities that have not published since the Libraries at Alexandria in Egypt burned down.

This free 135 page limited edition ebook is available for this week only!

Note: “Inner Whispers” Volume III is a stand-alone book. You do not need to have read Volumes I or II first. However, if you like this material, you will probably want to add all three volumes to your library.

See my (Allen’s) comments and details below, or just go to www.InnerWhispersBookThree.com for details.

* The first review of Inner Whispers (Volume III)

“Inner Whispers”
Messages From A Spirit Guide
(Volume III)
Official Release Date:
Wednesday November 14, 2012
Print, KINDLE, and NOOK.
Available from Amazon.com, Amazon.UK, and all Amazon EU country sites. Also for NOOK.

BUT… best ordered in North America from Amazon using our associate links at

258 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9823269-9-2

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Print,Kindle, and Nook Books all available via: www.AprilCrawfordBooks.com

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VERONICA is a highly evolved nonphysical entity and guide that speaks and writes via a Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel named April Crawford. VERONICA is internationally known with clients worldwide. For more information, including many free videos of VERONICA speaking, try www.AprilCrawford.com

About April Crawford:

April Crawford is one of the most adept, and one of the only true full body open deep trance channels and spirit mediums in the world.

April does not herself participate in consultations or the writing of books and newsletters, except that she gives up a considerable part of her conscious physical life to allow VERONICA and others to come through with messages and consultations for those interested.

All messages and books written by VERONICA and other entities via April Crawford are delivered in first, final, and only draft. There is never any editing except for occasional punctuation, which is done at the discretion of the facilitator (usually Allen). Note also that VERONICA does not type in these newsletters or the books directly. So, if you find a typo or two, it is a transcription error of a volunteer, again, usually by Allen.

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