“10 iPhone Apps for Keeping Track of Homework”

The importance of academic success in relation to your child’s future is undeniable.

His grades will affect the universities he’s accepted to after high school, which will almost certainly have a bearing on his professional life as an adult.

If your child is fortunate enough to be a student who also owns an iPhone, there are a plethora of time management, homework tracking and assistance apps available to him through the App Store.

These 10 are among the most useful for managing homework, which often plays a significant role in kids’ grade point averages.

  1. Homework Tracker W/ Reminders – Managing homework due dates is easy with this $1.99 app, which sends notifications to remind users of assignments that are due. Data entry is simple, the interface is intuitive, and students are able to organize subjects within the app as well as their assignments.
  2. MyHomework – This free app is designed for use with both the iPhone and the iPad, and helps students manage their academic schedules down to the minute. Keeping up with class schedules, upcoming exams and homework assignments is as simple as tapping the screen.
  3. School & Stuff, Grades and Timetables – Directed at the parents of middle school and high school students, School & Stuff is an effective tool that helps parents stay informed and involved in their kids’ academic lives. Monitoring grades has never been so easy, which allows parents to understand which areas their children need the most help in.
  4. Evernote – Evernote is one of the most popular apps in the App Store, due more to its high level of functionality than its gratis price. To-do lists, notes and voice reminders are all methods that allow Evernote users to store important information, helping your student stay on top of every assignment.
  5. iStudiez Pro – This $0.99 app is great for the parents of younger children or for older kids determined to manage their own school schedules. With a built-in planner and a section for entering instructors’ contact information, in addition to a slew of other features, iStudiez Pro is one of the best homework management apps on the market.
  6. Corkulous Pro – Collecting, managing, and organizing ideas, assignments and to-do lists is a snap with this virtual cork board, which help kids keep track of their schoolwork in a visual format. Brainstorming is also simplified with Corkulous, as is event planning and general organization.
  7. Assignments – Organizing homework, essays and long-term assignments is easy with this app, which also helps students to manage their time out of the classroom as well. For today’s chronically over-scheduled kids, this app is a $1.99 lifesaver.
  8. inClass – Take notes, manage schedules, and record audio reminders with inClass, which is powerful enough to determine which class a student is in at the time of a note by referencing his schedule and the current time. Consistently high-rated by users and free in the App Store, inClass is definitely a great value.
  9. Wunderlist – Wunderlist is a free general task manager with cloud-sync abilities and sharing functions, useful for students and parents alike. Push notifications remind users of upcoming tasks. Rate items on your to-do list in order of their importance and prioritize each assignment within the app. Kids that have a wide range of extracurricular activities, commitments and responsibilities can benefit greatly from this app as well.
  10. Bamboo Paper Notebook – Taking notes is fun with Bamboo Paper – Notebook, which allows students to collect their thoughts, assignments, and other important information in their own handwriting. Mapping out equations on an iPhone has never been easier, and the creativity that Bamboo Paper – Notebook encourages spurs brainstorming. Free in the App Store, it’s certainly an app worth checking out.

With these tools, your child’s iPhone can become much more than an expensive plaything, actually helping him to succeed in school and learn to manage his time wisely. Be aware, however, that many schools have strict guidelines governing the use of phones in school, and be sure that your children are aware of the electronics use policy in their classrooms.

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