VERONICA, ‘Upon Waking Each Day …’, April Crawford

Upon Waking Each Day…

“Upon waking each day, be sure to decide that whatever occurs will be an adventure. In the linear, there are moments that one would define as unusual. To have the opportunity to explore that unknown territory is indeed a gift.

As soon as your eyes open, breathe in the life you are creating. Place your feet upon the floor and boldly begin the walk through your day. Being an energy that moves through risky, often thick physical environments can feel awkward if you are hoping for a calm easy run.

You came into the physical for experience. Know that that experience can have many layers of texture. By being bold while expecting the adventure, you are being the person you intended to be.

Leave fear at the door and walk into the life you are creating. Be positive in the face of negativity. Be sure when you start to feel uneasy. See the beauty in the most uncomfortable moments.

The outcome of any situation is uncertain until you make the decision of how you intend to handle it. There is only victim-hood if you decide so.

Stand up and embark upon this adventure called “Your Life”. It might not be easy at first, but with focus, it is easily attainable.

The journey is what you believe it is. Decide that the adventure begins now and move through it with assurance. You come from a powerful position. Maintain it while living it.”


April Crawford has a natural ability to enter a deep trance state that allows highly evolved nonphysical entities (some people refer to them as “spirit guides”)… and others… to have a conversation directly with you for the purposes of giving Knowledge and Spiritually Aware and Self – Empowering Counseling.

One big difference between a Deep Trance Channel (or medium) & other types of mediums, in general, is that you have the ability to talk with the entity or other non-physical individual directly without having to go through someone else who is “relaying” their impressions of what the message may be.

Another big difference is that individuals who have discussions via a deep trance channel generally are seeking knowledge and/or the ability to consult, where individuals who have readings or “sittings” with mediums generally want to have some contact with a specific and recently crossed over loved one.

When these entities come through a Full Body Deep Trance Channel such as April Crawford, they are actually there, using the body of the channel. The channel is not there and does not relay, color, interpret, or participate in the conversation with you.

The Spirit Guide, or Teaching Entity as we call them, is completely there interacting with you one-on-one. They do not have to “interpret” symbols to communicate, because they are using the vocal chords and body of the deep trance channel themselves to do this directly.

This kind of direct two-way connection can have many positive results that go well beyond just the high level of interactivity.

Counseling and Guidance can be applied to personal and business relationships, increasing your awareness and knowledge, accelerating your self discovery process by connecting spiritually with who and what you really are, and creating success in whatever area is of interest.

Plus, it can be quite fun and pleasant to have a conversation with someone on the so called “Other Side”.

What these very wise and loving teachers really do so well is to identify underlying core issues on an energy or “essence” level and provide information.

Self empowering guidence is then available on how the individual may go about resolving issues and removing boundaries. They help you to increase awareness, identify and remove personal blockages, and reduce fear.

Conversations with these entities are nonjudgmental. (They have seen and done most of physical life’s experiences themselves… and can therefore relate to most situations on a personal level.)

In these conversations, anything can be discussed without concern of negative judgement… anything!

Conversations are always comfortable, two-way, in plain English, and really just like talking with a very wise friend that you have known and trusted for years. April Crawford is one of the most adept Deep Trance Open Channels in the world, which makes the process very easy to the point of being casual.

Accordingly, there is none of the “herky jerky” movements or “funny voices” that you may have seen or heard about when channeling and “new age” was a fad in the late 1980’s and early 90’s.

It is a warm highly spiritual experience and a connection that can be felt physically by many on an uplifting energy level.

We are pleased that you have chosen to give yourself access to this extraordinarily rare experience via this web site or via a personal conversation or study program involving one of these highly evolved entities.

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