Elsa P: September 6, 2012: Think, Act, Imagine, Get Along‏

Regardless of background noise, most have something going well in their life at this point. If not, this is a good week to whip something into shape as things are more favorable than we’ve seen in a while.

Specifically, Mercury is in its own sign, Virgo, Mars is at home in Scorpio, Neptune is in the sign it rules, Pisces, and Saturn is in exaltation in Libra.

You should be able to think (Mercury), act (Mars), imagine (Neptune) and get along with others (Saturn in Libra).

That’s the backdrop all week.

Here’s a rundown of each day:

Thursday, Venus leaves Cancer for Leo with the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus.  Saturn is exalted in Libra, so hey!  This is a pleasant day.

Friday, the Moon in Gemini squares planets in Virgo and Pisces giving us a mutable t-square. Expect a flurry of communication. Some of this will be gossip, but it won’t necessarily be malicious. The Gemini Moon aspects Pluto offering an opportunity to communicate with your shadow or your subconscious. People may also talk (Gemini) about various taboo topics (Pluto) – their dirty laundry or yours!

Saturday the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Gemini while squaring the Sun and Mercury in Virgo. People are going to want to talk for sure. This is a day people drive (or walk) around, texting or talking on their cellphone.

Sunday the Moon leaves Gemini for Cancer. She’s part of a grand trine with Saturn, Neptune and Chiron. Later in the evening, Mars in Scorpio supports so this is another day that should go well.

Monday things degrade as the Moon is caught up in a t-square with Uranus and Pluto, and Venus in Leo applies in square aspect to Mars in Scorpio. This may be dicey but we’ve seen much worse in recent months, so I’d just weather whatever storm might crop up. The Moon moves quickly so there’s no need to heavily invest.

Tuesday, Venus in Leo contacts Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio. Poorly played, an actor or actress is degraded or degrades him or herself. Well played, creativity and/or performance is imbued with depth and intensity.

Wednesday, the Moon conjuncts Venus in Leo. It’s a repeat of Tuesday with emotion added to the equation. You’re likely to feel (Moon) deeply (Pluto) moved, inflamed (Mars) by love or art (Venus). I have no idea if you’ll enjoy this.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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