Billion for Freedom Gay-friendly Video Project, Sharon Love

Four Secrets to Inspiring 2.2 Million (Free for You)

Would you like to achieve your greatest dreams & make a difference for equality?

Hi, I’m Sharon Love. In 2010, I attracted over 2 million people to a gay-friendly facebook group in just over two weeks, without any funding, staff or advertising.

Have your say on our Billion for Freedom Gay-friendly Video Project and get access to a quick master class online that can change your life and change the world. I’d really appreciate your opinion on our Billion for Freedom gay-friendly video project, SURVEY HERE.

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Learn the Secrets Sharon Loved used to inspire over 2 million people to support same-sex marriage, without any advertising. Overcome overwhelm with the power of focus. Clarify your dreams & goals with 10-15 minutes of powerful questions, checklists, and self-rating quizzes that can change your life. You can even save years of time!

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You’ll get my Four Gold Key Secrets to how I inspired 2.2 million to support marriage freedom worldwide. I launched the movement from a dark little basement apartment with no funding.

In just over two weeks it grew to the world’s biggest gay-themed Facebook Group, surpassing even a multimillion dollar charity. SURVEY HERE

If you support equality, please: CLICK HERE.


Thanks! You make a difference.

Together, we can change the world.


Sharon Love,
creator of the 2.2 Million member network for marriage freedom



Equality is about realizing that Love is universal. We need to respect people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.”

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