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is excited to Celebrate the Life of yet another leader among women. This woman was born with a dream, a vision to make a difference!

Her journey with many twists and turns, this woman has landed inside the world of marketing. Through a challenge of personal illness, the experience that came with that guided this never die woman into the calling of helping other women through her mission to help the FEMPRENEURS, her title for all women in business.

Today, we Celebrate this Life and cheer her ‘never give up’ attitude, welcoming her into our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™.



Janette Burke

Please Celebrate with us, in Janette’s own words, a life well examined …


Since I hail from a long line of entrepreneurs, I don’t remember not being an entrepreneur. But I guess you could say my official introduction into sales & marketing came at the tender age of 8, when I began selling men’s fashions in my father’s men’s wear stores.

By the time I was 15, I was already into the marketing of his business with the help of my MOM, his PR person. She taught me so much and she didn’t even have a PR degree or title. Oddly enough, my parents were against me being an entrepreneur, unless of course I brought them a son-in-law that was willing to take on the family business.

I entered University with the intent of obtaining a law degree. However quickly discovered that I loved planning parties, writing, speaking, marketing, publicity and promotion.

Creating a press release that gets noticed is a science – a subject I obviously failed until luckily I get some great advice from marketing pro Janette Burke from Your Marketing Magnet.

I ended up pursuing Public & Media Relations as a career and did it for 17 years, under the banner Prime Time PR. But a part of me always craved the spotlight and wanted to be in-front of rather than behind the cameras.

I really wanted to be a journalist or actress on TV.


While I was very successful as a publicist and worked with a variety of clients from small businesses to stars like Billy Crystal, I never felt completely satisfied. I always loved helping people and did a lot of what I now do as a marketing/PR coach, consultant and strategist for my smaller clients, just to get them branded, packaged and ready to go to the media.

I realized the need for this untapped marketing and before you know it, I had an off-shoot business, Janette Burke,‘Your Marketing Magnet’ that was planned, beginning with becoming a certified Toastmaster, putting on PR talks around the GTA and The Learning Annex and the my own monthly marketing/PR columns in The York Region Business Times and Women with Vision! Magazines.

After taking ill a few years ago, my life went into another direction. I saw a lot of Women suffering and giving up on their passions and dreams. Many wanted businesses but were bogged down with the marketing, never having been taught how to promote themselves, but being excellent in their given area of expertise. Helping women lead and succeed was another thing I have always been committed to.

I took a lot of Women’s Studies classes and considered myself to be a type of feminist since I was a teenager. But really I wanted to create a hub, online Society or Sisterhood, where Women professionals and business owners could get the help they need.

I chose to champion women in business, FEMPRENEURS, so they could work smarter, not harder, given that as Women, many are juggling numerous tasks with family and their business – and therefore, have to be smarter and get more accomplished in their day and shortened working hours. My intention was to remove some of the pain, cost and frustration that often comes with marketing your business, because marketing is an essential part of any business that can make or break it. 1:1 or in my group-sessions, every time I make a difference in a Woman’s business and life, whether by saving her from closing up shop, helping her take her business to the next level, earn more money and enjoy more time and freedom with herself and her family, I feel blessed. I feel like God made me this way, so I could be of benefit to other Women.

I did bit parts along the way; then realized my dream when I joined the That Channel family in 2009.

Finally, after many years of working in a sideline field of publicist, this powerhouse has now realized her dreams.

JANETTE BURKE on Liquid Lunch Episode … How knowing who you are & what you should be doing can make all the difference in your life – – Sue Latcher, Certified Kolbe A Assessment Index Coach & Consultant

I could go on and on.

So please let me know if you need anything else.

Warm Regards,


Janette Burke

Canada’s Six-Figure Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Columnist & TV Personality

905.882.6893 ext. 1

Mobile: 416.802.0655

Fax: 905.882.6898

Skype: janette_burke

[email protected]


A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this pure example of perseverence and strength into

our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™.

Brava Janette!

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